Trojan Guarantee FAQs

The Trojan Guarantee is a new scholarship that ensures a zero-cost bachelor’s degree for most Arkansans. Every Arkansas student should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams with an affordable four-year degree.

How do I know if I am eligible?

Incoming freshmen are eligible as long as they are fully admitted and enroll in 12 or more hours for the fall 2024 semester.

How do I apply?

The great news is you don’t have to. By completing all of your admission requirements and enrolling full time, you’ll be automatically awarded.

What is considered full-time enrollment?

Full-time enrollment for the Trojan Guarantee is identical to the enrollment requirements for the Academic Challenge. Students must enroll in 12 hours the fall semester of their freshman year and 15 hours every semester after that. Student who do not meet the enrollment requirements will not receive the award for that semester.

How do I know if I’ve received the award?

Keep an eye on your UA Little Rock email address for award notifications.

Can I combine this with my other institutional awards?

The answer is “possibly.” Trojan Guarantee is designed to cover tuition and fees that other federal, state and institutional aid would not cover. As a result, if you receive Pell, Academic Challenge, and an institutional scholarship but still owe tuition and fees, the Trojan Guarantee would then cover the remainder.

Can this award be used on my non-resident tuition charges?

This award can only be applied to your in-state tuition charges.

Is this scholarship renewable?

Your award may be renewable for up to three years as long as you maintain a minimum of a 2.5 UA Little Rock cumulative GPA and successfully complete 30 (27 for freshman year) hours your freshman year. It is not renewable past four academic years.

If I’m in online classes, can I receive this award too?

Absolutely! Online campus students are included as well.

How much am I eligible for?

The Trojan Guarantee is a last dollar financial aid program so award amounts will vary from student to student. The amount of a student’s Trojan Guarantee will be determined prior to each semester and will be the amount of tuition and mandatory fees

Am I required to submit a FAFSA?

Yes! Students are required to maintain eligibility for Pell and a FAFSA must be completed each year to maintain eligibility for FAFSA. A FAFSA is also required for initial eligibility for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship.