Scholarships for All Students

We want you to succeed at UA Little Rock, but we know that attending is a costly investment. To help you focus on your education, we have annual scholarship awards and a list of external funding sources. The only thing you need to do is apply!

Private and Alumni Scholarships

Many of our students are unaware of the private scholarships we offer. These scholarships are awards made possible by the generosity of university donors, and most are available to part-time and non-traditional students. Find out how to apply for these awards.

Phyllis Keltner Single Parent Scholarship

The Phyllis A. Keltner Foundation for Women Single Parent Scholarship gives single parents with a dependent child or children an incredible opportunity at UA Little Rock to overcome some of the many financial hurdles in getting a college education and provide secure futures for their families. Find out how to apply for the single parent scholarship.

External Scholarships

We also have a list of additional scholarship resources you can apply for, but carefully review the criteria to make sure you will meet the qualifications.