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UA Little Rock Esports Team Excels in Recent Tournaments

Super Regional Tournament hosted at Hendrix University. Credit: Nathan Griffin
Super Regional Tournament hosted at Hendrix University. Photo courtesy of Nathan Griffin.

The esports team at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is making waves both regionally and nationally, with standout performances in the recent Super Regional Tournament and the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) Rocket League playoffs.

In the Super Regional Tournament hosted at Hendrix University, UA Little Rock’s esports team president, Benjamin Weisenfelder, showcased his gaming prowess among 130 participants. Competing in a fierce 1v1 bracket, Weisenfelder secured an impressive 17th place overall, representing Central Arkansas alongside other local talents who made it to the top 32. Not only did Weisenfelder compete, but he also contributed to the event’s atmosphere by providing live commentary for later matches, enriching the experience for both participants and viewers tuning in to the live stream.

Nathan Griffin, the school team coach, reflected on the tournament’s scale and regional significance, stating, “This event was massive bringing in multiple universities as well as people not just from Arkansas but Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.”

Preceding the regional showdown, the UA Little Rock’s esports team hosted an event aimed at preparing local students and enthusiasts in Central Arkansas. The event, held at the club’s space in ETAS 101, reached its maximum capacity with 48 entrants and attracted numerous spectators. Such initiatives underscore the team’s commitment to fostering a vibrant gaming community within the region.

Switching gears to Rocket League, UA Little Rock’s esports team secured a coveted spot in the NACE Rocket League playoffs for the second consecutive year. The team went on to their first-ever playoff match win against Michigan State University before ultimately being eliminated in the second round of playoffs. Regardless, the Rocket League team has achieved a remarkable feat, securing promotion to the Premier NACE league after this past season. Their dedication, strategic prowess, and relentless determination have propelled them to the next level of competition. With their promotion, they’re poised to challenge the best teams in collegiate esports, showcasing their talent and solidifying their position among the elite.

For more information about the UA Little Rock’s esports team and upcoming events, visit the team on Discord.