Academic Advising helps students match their passion to their degree.


Beginning September 19, 2016 through November 23, 2016, the Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising will host appointment advising for Spring 2017. Undergraduate students who have 45 or fewer credit hours and have not yet declared a major are welcome to click on the appointment button to the right to setup an academic advising meeting.

Advising is mandatory prior to class registration for the upcoming semester.

Who Is Your Advisor?



Art Fine Arts 251
Online BA Interdisciplinary Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies On Main Campus Fine Arts 210J
History Stabler Hall 601
569-3236 | 569-3235
Music Fine Arts 151
Theatre & Dance Performing Arts 130
569-3291 | 569-3456
World Languages Stabler Hall 301
569-3272 | 569-3374
College of Business
(upon UALR entrance)
Center for Student and Career Services
Suite 109C | 501-371-8009
College of Engineering and Information Technology
(upon UALR entrance)
EIT Student Services
EIT 117 | 501-569-3226
College of Education and Health Professions
(after first UALR semester)
Student Success Center
DKSN 300-B | 501-682-8625
Declaring Your Major:

At UALR, “declaring” a major is deciding upon a major you would like to pursue. To declare YOU MUST:
·   Confirm your designated advisor/major department.
·   Make an appointment with your designated advisor/major department.
·   Follow the same steps if you would like to change your major or explore a particular major in more detail.

For Your Appointment With Your Academic Advisor:

·   Be on time to the advising meeting.
·   Call your advisor if you believe you will be less than 10 minutes late.
·   Be prepared to reschedule your meeting if you are more than 10 minutes late.
·   Have questions ready to get the most out of this valuable time with your advisor.