Academic Advising helps students match their passion to their degree.

Putting students on a degree path

Some students come to college knowing exactly what degree they want to pursue. Others have a career they envision for themselves someday. But many like to explore their options, and that’s why we’re here, to advise students, guide them through the first few semesters of college, and prepare them for their future studies.

Welcome from the Advising Team!
Our undergraduate advising team is available year-round and serves a diverse group of students including those who are new, transferring, undeclared, international, non-degree seeking & pre-professional.

Key Dates

  • 04/24 – Sophomore Priority Registration begins
  • 04/29 – Freshman Priority Registration begins

See for all registration dates. Advising is required before registration.

Quick Guides:  A concise guide and checklist for first-time UALR students