Advising for Current Trojans

If you’re a current Trojan (either a continuing student or post-baccalaureate) and have been taking classes for at least one semester, you can locate your advisor in BOSS. Your assigned advisor is dependent on your declared major.

How to Change Your Major or Add a Major:
● Unless you are advised in TAASC, reach out to the department that houses the major you would like to declare
(using the table below) via your UALR email address. If you are advised in TAASC, simply reach out to your
current advisor for assistance in changing your major.
● The new department may be able to change your major over email or may need to talk with you before making
the change
● Clearly indicate to your new department whether you would like them to remove your old major when they add
the new major or simply add the new major and maintain the current major
● The new department should be able to update your major, which you can confirm in Boss or DegreeWorks

How to Change Your Minor or Add a Minor:
● Meet with your major advisor to add or change your minor
● Get advising from an advisor in the department of your minor

How to Find Your Advisor in BOSS:

  1. Visit and login with your NetID
  2. From Quick Links, choose “Access Your Records” to visit BOSS.
  3. Select the Student Services tab.
  4. Select “My Advisor” from the list.
  5. Select the current semester.
  6. View your advisor’s name and contact info.

If an advisor has not been assigned to you, use the following guide to locate your advisor’s contact information:

Trojans with less than 45 credit hours

If you have less than 45 credit hours, you will be advised in one of these offices, depending on your major.

Majors Advising Office
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Health Education and Promotion
  • Interpretation: ASL/English
  • K-12 Health and Physical Education
  • Nursing
  • Social Work
CBHHS Center for Student and Career Services
Reynolds Business Building, Suite 109C | 501-916-3009
  • Elementary Education
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Middle Childhood Education
  • Special Education
CHASSE Student Success Center
Ross Hall, Suite 120 | 501-537-0784
  • All other majors
  • Undeclared students
Trojan Academic Advising and Support Center
Student Services Center, Suite 320 | 501-916-3386

Trojans with more than 45 credit hours

If you have reached approximately 45 credit hours (including students who already have a degree but are pursuing a second one), and cannot locate your advisor in BOSS, find your advisor’s contact information below.

Major Contact Email Phone Appointments
Accounting Tracy King 501-916-3009 Schedule
Anthropology Dr. Krista Lewis 501-569-3173 Schedule
Applied Communication Dr. Kristen McIntyre 501-916-6024
Applied Science Louis Scivally 501-537-0784 Schedule
Architectural and Construction Engineering Ethan Robson 501-916-5216 Schedule
Art Tom Clifton 501-916-3182
Biology Dr. Jeff Connelly 501-916-5198
(Last names A-M)
Tracy King 501-916-3009 Schedule
(Last names N-Z)
Heyam Dannawi 501-916-3009 Schedule
Business Analytics Heyam Dannawi 501-916-3009 Schedule
Business Information Systems Heyam Dannawi 501-916-3009 Schedule
Chemistry Dr. Anindya Ghosh 501-569-3153
Civil and Construction Engineering Ethan Robson 501-916-5216 Schedule
Louis Scivally 501-537-1930 Schedule
Communication Sciences and Disorders Dr. Stephen Kintz 501-916-6045
Community Management and Development Dr. Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm 501-569-3331
Computer Programming Ethan Robson 501-916-5216 Schedule
Computer Science Ethan Robson 501-916-5216 Schedule
Construction Management Ethan Robson 501-916-5216 Schedule
Construction Science Ethan Robson 501-916-5216 Schedule
Criminal Justice Karen Wisdom 501-683-7508
E-Commerce Bruce Bauer 501-916-5225
Economics Tracy King 501-916-3009 Schedule
(Not Yet Admitted to Program)
Sarah Haughenbury 501-537-0784 Schedule
Education Minor
(Admitted to Program)
Subject area major advisor
Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering Dr. Jung Kim 501-916-5253
Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology David Luneau 501-569-8260
Elementary Education K-6
(Admitted to Program)
Dr. John Burgin 501-916-6282
English Dr. Jeremy Ecke 501-683-7768 Schedule
Environmental Engineering Dr. Hollis Bray 501-569-8229
Environmental Health Sciences Dr. Jeff Connelly 501-916-5198
Finance Tracy King 501-916-3009 Schedule
General Studies
(AAGS 2+2 UAMS and Allied Health Career Tracks)

  • Cytotechnology
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Ophthalmic Medical Technology
  • Radiologic Imaging Sciences
  • Respiratory Care

Request Coursework Review

Frances Frazier 501-916-3386 Schedule
Geology Dr. Beth McMillan 501-569-3024
Health Education and Promotion Dr. Bennie Prince 501-683-7201
History Dr. Jess Porter 501-569-3236
Information Assurance Ethan Robson 501-916-5216 Schedule
Information Science Dr. Elizabeth Pierce or Bruce Bauer
Interdisciplinary Studies Sarah Haughenbury 501-537-0784
International Business Tracy King 501-916-3009 Schedule
International Studies Dr. Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm 501-569-3331
Interpretation: ASL/English and American Sign Language Studies Dr. Linda Stauffer 501-569-8508
K-12 Health and Physical Education
(Admitted to Program)
Dr. Bennie Prince 501-683-7201
Law Enforcement Karen Wisdom 501-683-7508
Legal Studies Dr. Joe Giammo 501-569-3331
Management Heyam Dannawi 501-916-3009 Schedule
Marketing Tracy King 501-916-3009 Schedule
Mass Communication Dr. Timothy Edwards 501-569-3250
Mathematics Dr. Minh Nguyen 501-569-3443
Mechanical Engineering Technology Dr. Srikanth Pidugu 501-371-7620
Mechanical Systems Engineering Dr. Andrew Wright 501-916-5258
Middle Childhood Education
(Admitted to Program)
Lundon Pinneo 501-569-3267
Music and Music Education Dr. Rolf Groesbeck 501-569-3101
Carolyn Fonville 501-916-5173 Schedule
(Admitted to AAS Program)
Jonathan Hamilton 501-916-5177
(Admitted to Online RN-BSN Program)
Belinda Nix 501-916-5172
Philosophy Dr. Michael Norton 501-569-3312
Physics Dr. Tansel Karabacak 501-569-8000
Political Science Dr. Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm 501-569-3331
Pre-Law Dr. Joe Giammo 501-569-3331
Pre-Professional Studies
Career Tracks:

  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physician Assistant
  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Veterinary
Erin Flowers 501-916-5217
Professional and Technical Writing Dr. Joyce Locke Carter 501-569-8063
Psychology Dr. Elisabeth Sherwin 501-569-3171 Schedule
Social Work
Dee Dee Wallace 501-916-3009 Schedule
Social Work
May Atkins 501-916-5821
Sociology Dr. Krista Lewis 501-569-3173 Schedule
Special Education
(Admitted to Program)
Dr. Jennifer Hune 501-569-8710
Systems Engineering
Dr. Kamran Iqbal 501-916-5252
Systems Engineering
Dr. Jung Kim 501-916-5253
Theatre Arts Dr. Jeremy Ecke 501-297-3925
Web Design and Development Thomas Wallace 501-916-5230
World Languages
French and Spanish
Dr. Andrew Deiser 501-569-8158