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This website is designed as a one-stop website for policies for the university. These policies come from a variety of sources (i.e., Faculty Handbook, Classified Employee Handbook, and Student Handbook) in addition to the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees and UofA System.

Questions regarding specific policies or policy interpretation should be directed to the policy custodian or responsible administrative/vice chancellor’s office. In the event of a discrepancy or inconsistency between UALR policies and Board of Trustees or UA Systemwide Policies and Procedures, Board of Trustees or Systemwide policies will apply.

Please contact Sheri O’Brien at or 501.569.3202 if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this website. Questions regarding policy interpretation should be directed to the individual policy’s custodian, listed at the bottom of each policy.

Policy Division

UALR Educational Programs

Series # Policy Area
All Board of Trustees Policies
All UA Systemwide Policies and Procedures
100 UALR History and Organization
200 UALR Administration
300 UALR Business
400 UALR Faculty/Staff
500 UALR Student Affairs
600 UALR Educational Programs
700 UALR Facilities
1700 UALR Athletic Programs

Policy News