Which Credits Transfer to UALR?

Transfer credit from regionally accredited colleges or universities with a grade point of 2.00 or higher on a 4.00 scale is accepted upon submission and evaluation of official transcripts. Only official transcripts will be accepted for admission to UALR. Transcripts from other colleges or universities must be sent directly to UALR. Unofficial, faxed, or previously opened transcripts will not be accepted by the UALR Office of Admissions.

There is no limit on the amount of credits a student may transfer to UALR, but students graduating with four-year degrees (baccalaureate) must earn 30 hours in residence at UALR. (Students graduating with two-year associates degrees must earn the final 15 hours of credit in residence at UALR.)

Please be aware that students are required to submit official transcripts from each college or university previously attended as indicated on the previous enrollment information submitted on the UALR undergraduate application for admission. Transcripts from colleges or universities not accredited by the regional accrediting associations will be handled at the discretion of the Director of Records and Registration. Students presenting such transcripts may be given provisional credit subject to the satisfactory completion of further work at UALR in subjects for which they are asking advanced standing and a satisfactory grade point average. However, such transcripts may be refused altogether.

Only official transcripts will be accepted for evaluation. They must include complete records of the courses taken at all other institutions and be sent to UALR by the institutions. The Office of Transfer Student Services may also request that a catalog or bulletin of the years covered by the transcript be presented. If you have questions about whether your previous college or university is regionally accredited, please contact us.

Military Service Credit

UALR does not automatically transfer vocational, military or technical credits from other universities. If you would like for UALR to transfer coursework of this nature then you may fill out our Request to Receive Credit for Technical and/or Military Credit Form

Students with vocational, military or technical work transferred to UALR prior to August 1, 2011, can have that work removed from their UALR transcript by filling out the Request to Remove Technical and/or Military Credit form.

Either of the above forms will need to be printed and signed by your departmental advisor before finally being submitted to the Office of Records and Registration for processing. Please note: You must have officially declared your major before either of these forms can be processed.

Official transcripts must be provided for evaluation. Transcripts must be requested based on the branch of service:

Military transcripts must be submitted to UALR’s Office of Admissions. If you have questions concerning how to access and submit your military transcripts please contact the Veterans Affairs Office.

After the military transcripts are received by Admissions they will be evaluated for the awarding of potential academic credit by our military ombudsman.

Occupational Programs Credit

UALR will accept up to 16 hours of lower-level undesignated elective credit for occupational programs from accredited institutions. Students to whom this might apply should have their transcripts evaluated by the Office of Records and Registration. An evaluation will not be made until after a student is enrolled.

UALR does not accept the following course credits:

  • Remedial/developmental/study skill courses (posted to transcript but no credit hours awarded)
  • Courses marked “in progress”
  • Courses from colleges/universities which do not have accredited or candidacy status in a regional accrediting association
  • Courses designated as credit/no credit, pass/fail, audit, or satisfactory
  • First or earlier attempts of a course repeated at a transfer college or university. Only the latest attempt’s course credit hours will transfer.

D Transfer Policy

Up to six credit hours of courses with grades of D will be accepted in transfer to UALR under the D Transfer Policy.