International Transfer Students

Our office reviews and evaluates the general education core curriculum requirements for undergraduate transfer students at UA Little Rock. As an International Transfer Student, there are some additional items we need to make an accurate evaluation.

Necessary Documentation for Course Evaluation

  1. Send your transcripts to IEE (or other NACES approved service) for an official course-by-course transcript evaluation from all post-secondary institutions you’ve attended.
  1. Submit the NACES approved service provider‘s official evaluation (from step 1) to UA Little Rock Office of Admissions at 2801 S. University Ave, SSC 219, Little Rock, AR 72204-1099.
  1. Submit English translated course descriptions (PDF or Word Document file types only) of all the classes you completed at your post-secondary institutions to the Office of Transfer Student Services at

*If the English translated course descriptions are not provided to you by a representative of your post-secondary institution, then you must also submit the original course descriptions in their native language. An example of this situation would be if you have a friend or family member that completed the translations for you.

These three steps above are necessary for any students transferring credits from a foreign institution regardless of citizenship status.

After receipt of all necessary documentation, it will take a minimum of 7-10 business days before the International Transfer Student receives their evaluation report.

International Student Services on Campus

In addition to these steps for proper evaluation of your credits, you will also need to complete the International Admissions Process. Key among those steps is to get your Immigration Verification and Financial Support submitted to the Office of International Student Services. Their office will be one of your primary centers for assistance and we encourage you to speak with them early in the admissions process.

International Student Services
2801 South University Avenue
EDU 101
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

Office Phone: 501-683-7566
Fax Number: 501-683-7567