Demonstration of Financial Support

If you are joining UA Little Rock as an F-1 or J-1 student, you must demonstrate that you have the financial resources to finance your expenses apart from employment. Prior to issuance of I-20 or DS-2019, an applicant must provide documentation of financial resources for the tuition, fees, insurance and cost of living for at least one academic year at UA Little Rock. Find the current estimated cost of attendance.

The proof of financial guarantee must be issued within the past 6 months and include the signature of a bank official. Funds for the dependents accompanying you to the U.S. must also be included. Form I-20 or DS-2019 will only be issued after you demonstrate satisfactory financial arrangements for meeting the expenses.

Acceptable Documentation of Financial Support

Proof of financial guarantee may be provided as any of the following or a combination of up to three sources dated within the past 6 months. Bank letters may be from either U.S. or foreign banks and foreign currency may be provided. All documentation must be in English and show funds currently available for your expenses.

Personal Bank Reference Letter

A personal bank reference letter from a bank official verifying that you possess all or a portion of the estimated cost of attendance. A record of transactions is not required.

Sponsor’s Bank Reference Letter and Statement of Support

A sponsor’s bank reference letter verifying that he/she possesses all or a portion of the amount above and a written statement or affidavit from your sponsor verifying his or her intent to sponsor your education at UA Little Rock.

Scholarship or Assistantship

UA Little Rock Scholarship or Graduate Assistantship (GA) award letter. International Student Services does not administer scholarships or fellowships. Submit your offer letter once an award is given.

Government Financial Guarantee

If you are still arranging your government sponsorship, a personal bank statement may be used at the time of admission. Students will be given until the 11th day of class to submit a financial guarantee for that semester.

Additional Information

While the proof of financial guarantee is only required for the first year, the funds must also be available for the duration of a student’s study. A subsequent financial guarantee is required if a student requests an extension of his or her program of study or changes the program level.

International students are only permitted to work on campus, part-time. These funds are not sufficient to sustain tuition, fees, and living expenses in the United States.

Scholarships and fellowships are competitive. Do not count on a position until one is awarded.

In addition to the estimated cost of attendance required for the principle F-1 or J-1, if a student is bringing family members. The student must also include additional financial support for their dependents. The additional amount required is $4,500 for a spouse and $2,500 per child.

Life insurance policies, investments, non-liquid assets, and screen shots from an online bank account are not acceptable forms of documentation.