Core Requirements

Core Curriculum

Beginning Spring 2015, UA Little Rock adopted a 35-hour core curriculum comprised of two parts, the university standard core (21 hours) and the college core (14 hours). All majors within a college will require both the standard and college core. The Core serves as the starting point for students to achieve the UA Little Rock Educational Goals while providing a maximum of transferable credits among colleges to allow students to explore a variety of disciplines before selecting a major.

For information concerning how specific transfer credits may satisfy core curriculum requirements, please refer to the Transfer Equivalency Guide.

When evaluating how your credits may transfer, know that although some of your courses will have a direct equivalent at UA Little Rock, not all of your courses will. This does not mean, however, that your courses cannot be applied to satisfy core requirements at UA Little Rock because we do accept many courses without direct core equivalents through in-state minimum core transfer agreements, associate degree transfer partnerships, and transfer flexibility policies.

If you have questions about how your courses may be applied to meet core curriculum requirements, contact the Office of Transfer Student Services at 501-916-3273.

What is the core curriculum?

Commonly referred to as “general education requirements” or the “basics,” the core curriculum helps to establish a foundation for the undergraduate academic experience and to ensure that students develop fundamental skills and a lifelong commitment and ability to learn. Students seeking a baccalaureate degree must complete 35 hours (44 hours if enrolled prior to Spring 2015) from the University’s Core Curriculum. Please note that the Core curriculum may vary by academic program (i.e. for majors within the College of Information Science & Engineering Technology and Nursing).

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What majors/programs are available at UA Little Rock?

A list of UA Little Rock majors/programs can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

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When should I declare my major?

Departments have differing major requirements. Your advisor can also help you plan to meet your specific requirements and, if you are comfortable with your choice, will encourage you to declare. Some majors require that certain core courses be completed with a specific grade before admission, while others do not. Your academic advisor can provide you with your major requirements or you can find them in the UA Little Rock Undergraduate Catalog.

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Do I need to declare a minor?

Declaring a minor will depend on which major program you choose. Some majors will require a minor while others do not. Please check with your intended major department regarding a minor requirement.

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How do I register for classes?

  • Sign in to your BOSS account
  • Read the important dates then Click Here to Continue
  • Select the STUDENT SERVICES tab
  • Select the REGISTRATION
  • Then click on ADD/DROP Classes
  • If it is your registration period, you will see a row of boxes at the bottom of the screen. Put the CRNs for the classes you have chosen in the boxes
  • Hit submit
  • You are registered for those classes. If you see a STOP sign, then you were unable to register for that class. Read the warning to see why you could not register for that class. If possible, clear up the problem and register for it again

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Where do I go if I need help adjusting my schedule?

UA Little Rock has created an excellent guide to show you how to use BOSS. Academic advisers and Records and Registration staff in the Student Services Center can also assist students with schedule adjustments. However, it is the student’s responsibility to learn how to use BOSS.

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How do I withdraw from my classes once I am enrolled?

BOSS will allow you to drop all enrolled classes prior to the last day to register, add, or adjust schedules (check the Academic Calendar for date). After that date, you will need to go to the Office of Records and Registration to fill out a withdrawal form.

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