Core Requirements


Beginning Spring 2015, UALR adopted a 35-hour core curriculum comprised of two parts, the university standard core (21 hours) and the college core (14 hours). All majors within a college will require both the standard and college core. Students who enrolled prior to Spring 2015 will continue to meet the required 44 hour core curriculum mandated by the appropriate catalog year. Listed on the document you will find the required categories, the number of hours required in each category, and the specific courses that will fulfill that requirement.

For information concerning how specific transfer credits may satisfy core curriculum requirements, please refer to the Transfer Equivalency Guide.

When evaluating how your credits may transfer, know that although some of your courses will have a direct equivalent at UALR, not all of your courses will. This does not mean, however, that your courses cannot be applied to satisfy core requirements at UALR because we do accept many courses without direct core equivalents through in-state minimum core transfer agreements, associate degree transfer partnerships, and transfer flexibility policies.

If you have questions about how your courses may be applied to meet core curriculum requirements, contact the Office of Transfer Student Services at 501-916-3273.