Students in France

¡Bienvenidos! Bienvenue! 欢迎

Why learn another language?

It’s simple. In today’s world of increased contact between peoples of different cultures, effective communication is a necessity.

With skills in another language, you’ll be prepared to:
  • Communicate with people from other countries and cultures,
  • Become a competitive professional in today’s global market,
  • Go on for an advanced degree in a language or another field, such as law, health care, or international business,
  • Become a language teacher and share your knowledge and skills with others.

The faculty in the Language Studies department put students first. Our goal is to help you become proficient, according to nationally recognized standards, in the language(s) you study. Besides learning to speak, understand, read, and write the language, you will gain valuable cultural knowledge — an understanding of customs, practices, arts, and politics that shape the values and attitudes of native speakers of the language.

Study abroad opportunities in Austria, Mexico, France, and Spain allow you to be immersed in the language and the culture. Specialized courses necessary for foreign language teaching, communication in international affairs, and preparation for graduate work are also offered.