Robert W. DeBin '57

Great Grads: Robert W. DeBin ’57

news-debinThe first time UALR alum Robert W. DeBin enrolled at UALR, Winston Churchill had just resigned as British prime minister, Rosa Parks was refusing to give up her bus seat, and Brooklyn Dodgers were on the way to winning the World Series.

DeBin, now a retired dentist, is back in the classroom, a one-man example of UALR′s celebration of life-long learning opportunities.

Since 1927, when Little Rock Junior College opened to offer students and their families post-high school educational opportunities close to home, UALR has been welcoming the non-traditional student with accommodating class schedules, specialized programs, and counseling assistance through programs such as Adult Student Advocacy.

DeBin earned an associates degree from UALR – then LRJC – in 1957 and went on to finish his undergraduate work at the University of Tennessee. He received a doctorate in dentistry.

Since retirement, DeBin has been back at UALR taking classes in art. Some things have changed in today′s UALR classroom- like cell phones and body art, DeBin says. Other things – like UALR′s non-traditional mission – remain steadfast. “UALR focuses on the student as a person and has an interest in the growth of the individual,” he said.

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