Chancellor’s Circle

CooperFountainWe celebrate members of the UALR Chancellor’s Circle for making a profound impact on our students, faculty, and programs by ensuring that our greatest needs are met. Your partnership provided need-based financial assistance, expanded research opportunities for students and faculty, and enhanced technological resources.

For more information, contact Kristi Smith at 569-8739 or

Individual Members

Mr. John Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. James Barnes
Mr. Marion Burton
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Clark
Mr. Jerry Damerow
Mr. and Mrs. Jack East
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Flesher
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Fulk
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gadberry
Mr. Don Hamilton
Dr. Laura and Dr. Steven Hutchins
Dr. and Mrs. Dean Kumpuris
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Kumpuris
Mr. and Mrs. George Lee
Dr. Eleanor Kennedy and Dr. Lee Abel
Mr. Jesse Mason and Dr. Gail Reede Jones
Mrs. Carolyn McCone
Mr. and Mrs. Beadle Moore
Mr. Don Munro
Ms. Shirley E. Pence
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Ramaker
Mr. William Rector
Mr. Terence E. Renaud
Mr. Keith Riggs
Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schueck
Dr. Patricia and Mr. Keith Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. James Wohlleb

Organization Members

Bailey Family Foundation
Munro Foundation
Riggs Benevolent Fund
Witsell Evans & Rasco