Chancellor’s Circle

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is committed to the success of our students.  With the continued decline in state funding, unrestricted gifts are of greater importance than ever before.  These dollars make it possible for the chancellor to provide opportunities for our students, faculty, and programs that do not fall under the realm of state funding.

You are invited to join the Chancellor’s Circle by making an annual gift of $1,000 or more to an unrestricted fund given oversight by Chancellor Anderson.  As a donor, you will provide a source of funding ensuring that the greatest needs of our students, faculty, and programs are met each year.  Your gift will make it possible for the chancellor to provide need-based financial assistance, expanded research opportunities for students and faculty, and enhanced technological resources.

As a member of the Chancellor’s Circle, you will be invited to a “members only” reception hosted by the chancellor.  You will also be invited to other campus events, and you will be emailed periodically the chancellor’s newsletters to update you on campus news.

For more information, contact Derek Boyce at 683-7355 or

Individual Members

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Adams
Dr. Joel Anderson
Mr. Paul and Dr. Jan Austin
Ms. Christine Bailey
Dr. and Mrs. Ted Bailey
Dr. and Mrs. Galen Barbour
Dr. Greg Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Benafield
Mr. Lee Bodenhamer
Dr. Tom Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brumbelow
Mr. Marion Burton
Ms. Tjuana C. Byrd
Mr. Pat Ferry and Mrs. Betta Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Castin
Mr. and Mrs. Lamont Cornwell
Mr. and Mrs. William Cravens
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Denman
Mrs. Nan Ellen East
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Finch
Mr. and Mrs. Dickson Flake
Ms. Lynn C. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Freeman
Mr. Joseph Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Fulk
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gadberry
Dr. Mary Good
Ms. Ellen M. Gray
Mr. Dean Greer
Mr. Edmond Hurst
Drs. Steven and Laura Hutchins
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Johnson Jr.
Drs. Lee Abel and Eleanor Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kinnaman
Dr. Dean Kumpuris
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lamb
Mrs. Catherine Lavey
Mr. and Mrs. George Lee
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Littlefield
Mr. E. Fletcher Lord
Dr. Tom Lynch
Dr. Gail Reede Jones and Mr. Jesse Mason
Dr. Amir Mehrabi
Mr. and Mrs. Beadle Moore
Ms. Cynthia B. Nash
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Pappas
Ms. Shirley E. Pence
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Phillips
Dr. Elizabeth Pierce
Mrs. Pamela Ramaker
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rector
Mrs. Ruth Remmel
Mr. Terence E. Renaud
Mr. D. K. Robinson, Jr.
Mrs. Lisenne Rockefeller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schueck
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Smith
Dr. Patricia and Mr. Keith Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Ricardo Sotomora
Mr. Charlie Staggs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sterling
Mr. Gus Swain
Mr. Jay Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Van Tilbury
Mrs. Jan Trotter
Mr. Mark M. Waldrip
Dr. Allan L. Ward
Dr. and Mrs. Don Wold

Organization Members

Arkansas Community Foundation
Bailey Family Foundation
The Bodenhamer Foundation
Community Bakery
The Janet Jones Company
J.W. Benafield Company
McLarty Companies
Munro Foundation
Northington Investment Group