Chancellor’s Circle

Dr. Joel Anderson’s 13-year tenure as UALR Chancellor has brought many advancements in higher education to central Arkansas for students, employers, and the community at large.

His dedication and leadership in expansion of academic success programs and scholarships, of providing affordable access to education to diverse student populations, and of working with business and industry to build a better pipeline for an educated workforce have transformed the university as a top regional metropolitan university.

Thanks to you and your support, Dr. Anderson has been given the opportunity to make these contributions to central Arkansas and the region.

You are probably aware that Chancellor Anderson will retire next June. We hope you will help us send him off with a resounding thank you and preserve his legacy by becoming a member of UALR’s Chancellor’s Circle. Your gift of $1,000 or more to this unrestricted fund will provide critical funding to build on the momentum he established. The focus of this fund is on student retention and student success to graduation.

By joining the Chancellor’s Circle, you will help cultivate many more significant advances under Chancellor Anderson’s remaining time at the university and will ensure continued success of UALR under a new leader.

Your membership will include special invitations to 2016 events and recognition as a leadership supporter.

For more information, contact Derek Boyce at 683-7355 or

Chancellor’s Circle Breakfast
Friday, February 26, 2016
Brave New Restaurant, 9:00 a.m.

Individual Members

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Adams
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Anderson
Mr. Kevin Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey
Mr. Bill Ballard
Dr. and Mrs. Galen Barbour
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Benafield
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Blakney
Mr. Lee Bodenhamer
Ms. Julie Brown
Mr. Marion Burton
Mr. Charles Cansler
Mr. Pat Ferry and Mrs. Betta Carney
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Clark
Mrs. Stuart Cobb
Mr. and Mrs. William Cravens
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Denman, Jr.
Mrs. M. Jane Dickey
Mr. and Mrs. Jack East
Mr. and Mrs. John Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Finch
Mr. and Mrs. Dickson Flake
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gadberry
Dr. and Mrs. John Gray
Drs. Charles and Betty Hathaway
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hollenberg
Mrs. Karen L. James
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Ray Jouett
Ms. Shirley K. Kelly
Dr. and Mrs. Dean Kumpuris
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Kumpuris
Mr. and Mrs. George Lee
Dr. Burt Madden
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McClain
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morgan
Dr. and Mrs. James Pappas
Ms. Shirley E. Pence
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Phillips
Mr. James Phillips and Mrs. Connie Brown Phillips
Dr. Elizabeth M. Pierce
Dr. Shirley J. Pine
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Ramaker
Mr. and Mrs. William Rector
Mrs. Ruth Remmel
Mr. Terence E. Renaud
Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Robinson
Mrs. Lisenne Rockefeller
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schueck
Dr. Patricia and Mr. Keith Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Van Tilbury
Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Waldrip
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Walls
Mrs. Betty Jo Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. James Wohlleb
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Wold
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Wright
Mrs. Joyce Wroten

Organization Members

The Bodenhamer Foundation
J.W. Benafield Company
Bailey Family Foundation
The Homestead