Special Meeting Form

The Special Meeting Form is required only for off-campus events and should be completed anytime payment or reimbursement for expenses for official functions is anticipated. Examples include, but are not limited to, when the official function is for non-state employees, when a reimbursement is made to a UALR employee, when the official function involves faculty and staff, or when meals or lodging are within the area of the employee’s “official station.” (See UALR Official Functions Policy, 205.1 for further information on what constitutes an official function.)

Effective immediately, Special Meeting Forms are not required for “on-campus” events. Events on any of the campuses, whether hosted or coordinated by UALR, meet the criteria of being designated an “official function” of the university. Please note that although the form is no longer required for on-campus events, Sodexo still has first right to refusal for all catering on-campus except for the Benton Center and athletic-related events at the Stephens Event Center.

In addition, special attention is needed when completing Section A. Describe event and benefit to UALR or state. This information is required to comply with state regulations (A.C.A. 19-4-903) on reimbursing expenses within the city or town of employee’s “official station.” Forms not detailing this completely will be returned.

The form must be signed by the “requester” and approved by an approver at a higher level (i.e., budgetary head, dean, etc.), before transmittal to the vice chancellor for finance. Forms without the appropriate signatures will be returned. For assistance on completing this form, contact Gloria King in the Office of Finance and Administration, 569-3202 or gdking1@ualr.edu.

Two versions of the form are available:

Special Meeting Form (print)

Special Meeting Form (pdf fill-in)