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Contract Services provides a critical role in the campus community. Pursuant to A.C.A. § 19-11-219 and U of A System Board Policy 300.1 – Contracting Authority, all contracts require appropriate legal review prior to execution. The contract review manager’s role is to review, negotiate, and facilitate execution of contracts and agreements in consultation with the Office of General Counsel on behalf of the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas acting for and on behalf of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Contracts and Agreements Reviewed by this Office

  • Contracts to purchase goods and services, including State of Arkansas Services Contracts (Professional Consultant Services and Technical and General Services Contract).
    • Online, click-through terms must be reviewed and the purchasing department given written authorization before submitting (clicking approval) online contracts.
  • Revenue producing contracts and agreements, including sponsored research activities.
  • Agreements to support continuing and professional education.
  • Agreements for student internships with hospitals, clinics, social service agencies, and school districts.
  • Agreements for outside use of the university’s unique facilities.

Submitting Contracts for Review

Using the correct submission process allows for efficient tracking of contracts submitted for review, as well as coordination with the Office of General Counsel and Procurement Services, resulting in faster review and approval.

Following are the general procedures to submit contracts for review:

  1. Supplier (expense) contracts should be submitted via the Contract Review Form.
    1. New suppliers must register with the university using the Online Supplier Registration Form, and be approved, prior to execution of contracts. Visit the Suppliers webpage on Procurement Services website for additional supplier resources.
    2. By direction of the Chancellor’s Cabinet, all contracts that are equal to or greater than $5,000 or that are multi-year (no matter the amount) will require VC approval before they can be processed.
      1. Request VC approval via email, including a short summary of the contract details in the email message (vendor, amount, purpose, dates). The approval should be attached when the contract is submitted via the Contract Review Form or forward it to
    3. A requisition and/or supplier contract, as applicable, will be entered in Workday by the originating department once the contract has been fully executed.
    4. For multi-year term contracts, a supplier contract should be created in Workday prior to requisition to manage the contract documents and monitor spend. Procurement Services or Contract Services can assist with this process.
    5. Technology purchases, including all computing, software, and network related resources, require review and pre-approval by IT Services before the contract review process can begin. Review Technology Purchasing Procedures for information on this process.
  2. Sponsored research agreements and any contract or agreement with external funding should be routed through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP). Contract Services and ORSP have an internal process to handle processing and review of these contracts and agreements.
  3. All other contracts and agreements (i.e., no cost, revenue) that do not fall under ORSP’s direction should be submitted using the Contract Review Form.
  4. Foreign suppliers or entities must be cleared by the Export Control Office prior to entering into any contract or agreement. Contact Angela Willis to request this clearance.

If you need assistance submitting a contract for review, please contact Sheri O’Brien, contract review manager (501-916-5623;

Legal Contracting Name and Authorized Signatories

The legal contracting name for UA Little Rock is “The Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas acting for and on behalf of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.” Contracts will be unenforceable if contracted using the name of the campus only,  per U of A System Board Policy 300.1 – Contracting Authority. Further, the chancellor and vice chancellor for finance and administration are the only authorized signatories for the University of Arkansas.

Our Location

Contract Services is located in the Charles W. Donaldson Student Services Center (SSC) on the fourth floor, Office of Finance and Administration, Suite 425.

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Contract Review Manager
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