UA Little Rock expects all suppliers conducting business with the university to maintain the highest ethical standards, exhibit best business practices, and to conduct their business with the utmost honesty and integrity.

The University of Arkansas System has partnered with PaymentWorks to enhance supplier onboarding. PaymentWorks is a business identity platform that gives suppliers a streamlined process for managing their profile and contact information, securely entering and updating their banking information, selecting their preferred payment method, viewing their payment status and history, and updating essential documents for taxes, insurance, and various certificates.

Supplier Registration - PaymentWorks

Supplier Onboarding Overview:

  1. UA Little Rock employees will initiate an invitation to the supplier via PaymentWorks, located on the Microsoft My Apps page. Please note that suppliers will only be able to register if an invitation has been sent from a UA Little Rock requisition requestor.
  2. Suppliers will receive an email from PaymentWorks inviting them to register and enter all of their information safely and securely.
  3. This information is then verified or validated by PaymentWorks to protect the UA System from any potential fraud and mitigate compliance risks.
  4. After the verification is complete, the supplier’s information is routed to the Procurement Services supplier management team for final review and approval.
  5. Pending approval, the supplier is assigned a supplier number in Workday and is ready for campus use.

Updating Supplier Information:

Suppliers will be able to manage their own information via PaymentWorks. Suppliers are also encouraged to periodically review all contact, ordering, and remittance information in PaymentWorks. If any of this information needs to be changed you may update yourself and it will be reviewed and approved in a timely manner.

For UA Little Rock Employees needing access to initiate invitations:

If a UA Little Rock employee needs access to initiate a supplier invitation in PaymentsWorks a request must submitted to the ITS Help Desk.

Once the request has been approved and completed, Workday Learning training will be assigned to the UA Little Rock employee to complete. The training can be located on the Workday homepage under the “Timely Suggestions” section toward the bottom of the webpage. Once the training is completed each user will be given access to the PaymentWorks app.

Minority, Disabled Veteran, and Women-Owned Businesses

Please visit our minority, disabled veteran or woman-owned page for helpful resources and information.

Suppliers that qualify as minority, disabled veteran or women-owned businesses must be certified by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC). There is no cost to apply for certification, and, in addition to increasing opportunities with the State of Arkansas, certification benefits include notification of training events, workshops, network opportunities and educational opportunities.

Registration for the State of Arkansas

The PaymentWorks supplier onboarding process will only register you to do business with University of Arkansas System institutions, such as ours. You may register as a Supplier with the State of Arkansas at Arkansas Vendor Services.

Purchase Orders and Invoicing

To assist the university’s suppliers in ensuring the most efficient process for working with the university, we recommend they follow the process outlined below as well as availing themselves of tips sheets for onboarding and our guide to payments listed below.

  1. Suppliers must be registered and approved to conduct business with UA Little Rock.
  2. In order to provide goods and or services to UA Little Rock, it is necessary for the suppliers to first receive a Purchase Order from the university. Verbal orders from UA Little Rock personnel are not permitted.
  3. Once a Purchase Order has been fulfilled, the supplier should send an itemized invoice to All receipts must include the bill to and ship to information. Invoices should be typed, but if this is not an option, they must be written legibly. The full PO number should be listed on the invoice to ensure expeditious processing.
  4. Compliance with the university’s procedures insures a seamless and efficient process, resulting in UA Little Rock’s ability for it to pay its suppliers in accordance with payment terms.

Payment Terms and Processing

Compliance with the university’s procedures insures a seamless and efficient process, resulting in UA Little Rock’s ability to pay its suppliers in accordance with the Payment Terms outlined below. The university encourages the use of electronic payments, rather than paper checks.

Payment terms are calculated based on the date of the invoice. It is important that invoices be sent to or via U.S. Mail to Attn: Accounts Payable, 2801 S. University Ave., Little Rock, AR 72204, in order to avoid payment delays.

UA Little Rock pays invoices based on the terms established contractually.

Queries for lost checks or missing payments may be sent to Please reference the Purchase Order and Invoice number in the email.

Participating in Bids

Formal sealed bids are posted on the UA Little Rock Bids page and suppliers should check frequently for current bid opportunities. If a supplier would like to be added to the supplier list they should send an email to, including contact information and details about the goods or services that can be provided.

Miscellaneous State Bid Opportunities – Please note that these bids are not administered by UA Little Rock. This is only a link provided to help our suppliers find further opportunities in doing business with the state.

Visiting the Campus

You are welcome to schedule an appointment with our office to discuss any upcoming campus projects or share with us information about your products and services. You may make an appointment by emailing Suppliers dropping in without an appointment may leave materials with our office, but a meeting with a staff member may not be possible.

During your meeting, you can discuss the possibility of marketing directly to individual departments. If you are contacted directly by a faculty or staff member, please inform one of the buyers in Procurement Services before making further contact.

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