Workday Resources

Assets/Inventory Tags

Any purchase of an item that is considered inventory must include at least one of 27 Equipment spend categories. The spend category will ensure the approval chain includes someone from General Accounting, and that the item receives a UA Little Rock property tag. Inventory is defined as:

  • Capital Equipment. Any item of furniture or equipment or any tangible property with a useful life of at least two years which has a unit cost or donated value of $2,500 or more, including taxes, freight, and installation charges. This definition includes vehicles and equipment procured on a capital lease.
  • Equipment. An item of a movable nature, which has an expected useful life of two years or more, is non-expendable and maintains its identity when it is incorporated into a larger or more complex unit.
  • Low-Value Assets. Equipment with a cost or donated value less than the capitalization threshold but greater than $500.

Banner 9 to Workday Crosswalk

Banner 9 to Workday Crosswalk Downloadable PDF

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FOIDOCH Document History Allows you to enter any finance document (PO, REQ, INV) and then see all other associated finance documents.

To find related PO number- Listed under Goods or Service line in sourced column

To view related payments and invoices

My requisition/Find requisitions-

Click on the Requisition to open


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FPAREQN Requisition Entry To create or update existing requisitions Create Requisition for:

Non-Catalog Item



FPIREQN Requisition Inquiry To view an existing requisition, no changes allowed My Requisition or Find Requisition
FOAPOXT Procurement Text Entry To enter additional information in the text Description/Memo
FPARDEL Requisition Cancellation To cancel a requisition Related Actions- Cancel

Approval and Approval History

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FOIAINP Approval Notification Approvers notified of documents to approve My Requisition- Details and Process
FOAUAPP User Approval To approve requisitions Inbox
FOAAINP Document Approval To see who needs to approve a requisition My Requisition- Details and Process
FOIAPPH Document Approval History To see who and when a requisition was approved My Requisition- Details and Process


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FPARCVD Receiving Docs To create a receiver after the goods or services have been delivered Create Receipt

Accounting Activity

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FGIENCD Detail Encumbrance Activity To see all the activity on any specific encumbrance (EO, REQ, PO) View Finance Accounting Information for Procurement Documents


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FTMVEND Vendor Maintenance To create or edit a supplier Create Supplier Request

Change Supplier Details

Change Supplier Connection Details

FTIIDEN/ GUIALTI Entity Name/ID Search To search for Suppliers in Banner Find Supplier
FPIOPOV Purchase Orders by Vendor To see a list of POs for a specific vendor by line item Find Suppliers- Related Actions- Activity Summary
FAIVNDH Vendor Detail History To see the payment history for a specific vendor Find Supplier Invoice History

Other helpful forms and guides

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GUAMESG General Message To view Banner messages Notifications and Inbox
GUAPMNU My Banner Maintenance To create a personal menu tied to Banner ID My Profile

Bids in Workday

No changes will be made to the bid process at this time. If this process changes, a campus-wide notice will be sent.

Credit Cards

Computer-based training for credit cards is now available in (UASYS) Blackboard.

Known Change to Credit Card Procedures

If a cardholder or liaison will be making grant-funded P-card transactions, a spend authorization must be submitted. A spend authorization is initiated by the worker, not the manager. Managers take action on spend authorizations after they are submitted for approval.

Methods of Procurement

Three purchase methods are available in Workday—catalog, non-catalog, and punchout. The type of supplier you’re using determines which method of purchase you use.

Note: Blanket purchase orders are no longer available. A crosswalk showing the Workday equivalent of legacy blanket purchase orders can be found here.

Promotional Purchases

UA Little Rock logoed (campus, college, or department level logos) items must be acquired by following one of three procedures: Competitive quote bid, cooperative contract, and formal bids. Documents from competitive quote bids and cooperative contract quotes must be attached to the requisition in Workday. To obtain approval on promotional or trademark purchases the Promotional Items and Trade-Mark Licensing PO requisition type must be used. Please review the additional information on promotional purchasing before starting a requisition.

Receiving Goods

To indicate that ordered goods/services were received and ready for payment, departments must create a receipt in Workday. To do this follow the Create Receipt process.

Departments should also run a report once a week to identify POs that still need a receipt created. The Workday report is called RPT – Supplier Invoices in Match Exception – Missing Receipts.


The first step taken when commodities or services are needed is the submission of a requisition. This business process (cradle-to-grave shown below) begins and ends in Workday. Clicking steps 1 and 5 will open the QRG provided by the Project One team. Step 2 is completed by approvers, and steps 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 are completed by central finance departments.

Step 1: Create and Submit Requisition

Step 2: Requisition is Approved by All Approvers

Step 3: Source Goods/Services

Step 4: Create and Issue Purchase Order

Step 5: Create a Receipt

Step 6: Create Supplier Invoice

Step 7: Match Invoice to Purchase order and Receipt

Step 8: pay Supplier

Finding, Editing, and Canceling Requisitions

If changes are needed to a requisition, and it has not made it through the approval chain to Procurement Services, the initiator can access the requisition, make the necessary changes, and resubmit the requisition.

To find and change or cancel a requisition in Workday, search for, and select, ‘My Requisitions’, enter any search criteria to narrow down your results (optional), and click “OK.” From the ‘My Requisitions’ page, you can:

  • Create a requisition
  • View details of previously submitted requisitions
  • Access supplier information
  • Access purchase order details
  • View the request status of requisitions
  • Edit ‘in progress’ requisitions

Keep in mind that a requisition, if changed, must go back through all levels of approval. Requisitions can still be changed at the buyer level. 

Returning Goods

Do Not sign for any goods or services without inspecting the products first. If damaged goods are signed for, they cannot be returned. After looking over products, if items are damaged or incorrect items were received, departments can create a return in Workday.

Sodexo Catering Invoices Payment Instructions

Spend Management Notifications

Spend Reports

Recommended Workday Spend Reports

Departments, cardholders, and travelers should actively monitor spend throughout the fiscal year. This will aid in early fraud detection, identify transactions or processes that have not been completed, and provide up-to-date information pertaining to spend.

To use reports in Workday you should:

  • Enter the name of the report in the Workday search bar.
    • Frequently used reports can be saved as a Shortcut.
    • Many of the apps, hubs or dashboards can be configured to include these reports for a one stop shop experience.
  • Create filters for specific worktags. If you manage multiple Cost Centers, you may want to use the Cost Center Hierarchy number to pull all spend into the report.
  • Exporting reports to Worksheets, within Workday, keeps hyperlinks to the business process or transactions and allows you to collaborate by sharing the report.
  • It is highly recommended that you utilize the scheduled report function. Scheduled reports will run, automatically, at the time and day you have specified and be delivered to you by email and can also be found in your Workday drive.


  • RPT- Find Credit Card Transactions
    • This report will identify charges and their current stage of verification.
      • This includes: Approved, Draft, In Progress, and Unsubmitted (blank).
  • My Procurement Card Transaction Verifications
  • This report displays the procurement card transaction verifications you created, allowing you to check the status without pulling up individual verifications.
  • RPT- Find Procurement Card Transaction Verifications by Company
    • This advanced report enables the initiator, verifier and approver to view procurement card transaction verifications that have been created. You can filter by company, worker, date, worktags, or intercompany transaction, as well as review the attachments per verification line.

Travel & Travel Cards

  • RPT- Find Travel Card Verifications by Company
    • This report is used to help cardholders track not only travel card verifications but all expense reports and their current stages of approval.
  • RPT – Find Spend Authorizations
    • Find spend authorization details, which include the authorized worker, company, and currency. Also provides the expense report using this authorization, the authorization’s spend date, creation date, and status.
  • RPT- Find Expense Reports
    • To find expense report details with the date, status, amount, and other details.
  • RPT- Find Credit Card Transactions
    • This report will identify charges where the expense report process has not been submitted for approval are detected and their current stage of verification.
      • This includes: Approved, Draft, In Progress, and Unsubmitted (blank).
  • My Spend Authorizations
    • Find spend authorizations with yourself as the Expense Payee. This report will also include the date, status, amount, and other details.
  • My Expense Reports
    • View your expense reports with the date, status, amount, and other details. Perform related actions such as cancel, change, or copy an expense report.


  • RPT- Find Requisitions by Company
    • View all requisitions, from your filter, as well as the status, and associated business documents such as the PO, receipt, and supplier invoice.
  • My Requisitions
    • Provides the requisitions that you initiated.
  • RPT – Find Purchase Order
    • View the purchase orders, from your filter, as well as the status, and associated business documents.
  • RPT – Find Supplier Contracts
    • This report is useful in identifying contract details and tracking spend associated with that contract.


  • My Receipts
    • View your receipts with the date, status, PO number, receipt adjustment information, supplier, and amount.
  • RPT – Receipts in Progress
    • View all receipts in a drafted status. Once the RC number is opened, it can be edited or canceled.

Invoicing and Payments

  • RPT – Supplier Invoices in Match Exception – Missing Receipts
    • This report shows all the invoice lines with a missing receipt. Please use this report and sort by Purchase order and Ship-to Contact to see the PO’s which require a receipt to be created. On the dashboard tasks on the right side, use the Create Receipts task.
  • RPT – Supplier Invoices in Match Exception
  • RPT – Uninvoiced Purchase Orders with Receiving Entries
    • This report shows POs with receiving entries but no invoice. Contact the supplier to request the invoice. When the invoice is received, send it to Accounts Payable via the AP document submission portal.


Previously known as vendors, suppliers are business entities from whom you purchase goods or services. Suppliers are shared across all UA System institutions.

Missing Suppliers in Workday

To support the UA System’s goal of supplier harmonization, most suppliers were not converted to Workday. We have been charged as a campus to collect current supplier information and submit requests for their creation in Workday as needed.

Adding New Suppliers and Updating Existing Suppliers

If you need a supplier added, see the QRG for instructions. Any supplier that is already in Workday can be updated by following the Change Supplier Details QRG.

Guest of State (Travel)

Please note that guests of state will no longer be processed as suppliers in Workday. Departments will need to create an external committee member in Workday. Procurement will be providing further information in travel training sessions.

Technology Purchases

To obtain approval on technology purchases (computers, tablets, network devices, software, software licenses, software-as-a-service, etc), the  IT-related purchase requisition type must be used. This will automatically route the requisition to IT services for approval. Any technology requisition that does not receive approval will be sent back to the initiator with a note indicating that IT Services approval is needed.


Workday is vastly different from Banner, and while many processes and methods of purchase still exist, they have changed. Please review the information below to learn more about procurement procedures in Workday.

  • The UA system has created a Workday intranet page with additional resources and information.
  • Computer-based training for procurement tasks in Workday is available via UA System Intranet Workday Training.
  • You may also access training modules for both assigned and self-guided lessons while logged in to Workday Learning.
  • Step-by-step guides and virtual training sessions customized to UA Little Rock are available upon request. Email to request guides or a virtual training session.

Travel and Reimbursements

Pre-approval is required for all travel and can be obtained in Workday through the Spend Authorization. Cash advances can still be requested when traveling, see the cash advance quick reference guide for instructions. *Covid-19 travel guidelines supersede the regular pre-approval process. Attach Vice-Chancellor approval to travel as per the Return to Campus Guide to all out-of-state spend authorizations.

The process of requesting a spend authorization is initiated by the employee as self, or in some cases, the department’s Expense Data Entry Specialist. Managers take action on spend authorizations after they are submitted for approval.

Reimbursements for travel and non-travel expenses are requested with an expense report. If an employee would like to be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses, an expense report must be entered in Workday. Expense reports can, if necessary, be edited before the final approval in Procurement Services.