Office Supplies

Staples and Office Depot are the university’s preferred source for office supplies.  Both suppliers are in Workday as punchout contracts that streamline the purchasing process.  Punchouts also allow you, as requisitioners, to obtain better pricing and other benefits established through agreements with Staples and Office Depot.  Departments may also utilize Central Stores, which is overseen by Facilities Management.

When placing your order from these or other suppliers, please note the following restricted items:

  • Office paper (contact Procurement Services with exception requests)
  • Computers and wireless devices
  • Software from Adobe, Computer Associates, Corel, IBM, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, and Trend Micro
  • Envelopes
  • All printing
  • Drinks (i.e. water, coffee) and food purchases
  • Mandatory state contract items
  • Taggable fixed assets

Staples and Office Depot

Requisition from Punchout: The campus should utilize the Workday punchout for all Staples and Office Depot purchasing needs. The punchout automatically issues the purchase order to the supplier once the requisition has been fully approved.

In-Store Purchases by P-card: If a cardholder wants to complete a purchase at a physical store they may use their P-card and complete the verification process. The SPC number must be listed in the memo of the verification along with the purpose of the purchase.

Central Stores Purchases

Central Stores is managed by Facilities Management and directs the acquisition, storage, distribution, and inventory of general office supplies for the campus community. Purchasing from Central Stores can save time and money, plus has the added convenience of backcharging to the department’s worktags. 

Copy paper should be purchased from Central Stores for maximum cost savings. They receive the most competitive pricing by purchasing in bulk and the savings are passed on to departments. Visit Central Stores’ website for further information and to view their catalog.