UA Little Rock Purchasing Thresholds

Type of PurchaseThresholdsMethod of PurchaseRequirements
Commodities Goods; articles for trade or commerce, except for printing and contract items. NOT A SERVICE <$20,000.00Small Order
Quote Bid
Sealed Bid (IFB,RFP or RFQ)
$20,000.01 - $75,000.00Quote Bid*Supporting bid documents, EO98-04 and VPR
$75,000.01 +Sealed Bid (IFB,RFP or RFQ) Completed by Procurement Services. Requires EO98-04 and VPR
Minority Vendors Goal 15%<$40,000.00Small OrderAct 1080 of 2017 allows no bid requirement up to $40K if from a certified minority or woman-owned business.
Printing (Amendment 54)< $75,000.00Quote Bid w/ Delegation OrderUA Little Rock Print Services has first right of refusal on all printing projects. Bids must be completed by Procurement Services. Requires EO98-04 and VPR
$75,000.01- $100,000.00Sealed Bid w/ Delegation Order
$100,000.01 +OSP Sealed BidMust be completed by OSP. Requires VPR
Services (includes technical and general service and professional and consulting services)<$24,999.99Does not require Legisltaive reporting
$25,000.00 - $49,999.99Legislative Monthly Report
$50,000.00 +Legislative Review
State & Cooperative PurchasesThresholds do not apply to approved cooperative purchasesReporting annually to the Legislature
Sole Source and Special Procurement$20,000.01 +Approved at Institutional Level with required reporting
Construction$5,000.00-$34,999.99Quote Bid*Supporting bid documents, **additional required documents
$35,000.00+Sealed Bid w/ Advertisement Sealed Bid w/ Advertisement, **additional required documents
Local Food Purchases Goal 20%Report on local farm and food spend. Act 617 of 2017
Signatory Authority : Standard, Sponsored Research Contracts and Grants < $2,500,000.00UA Little Rock Review
$2,500.000.01- $10,000,000UA Systems Office Review
$10,000,000.01+UA Board Review
*Supporting Bid Documents**Additional Required Documents
The completed Competitive Quote Bid Form.
Proof that the solicitation was sent to at least three (3) vendors who can provide the requested good or service.
The completed Competitive Bid Tabulation Form.
Copies of each bid response in entirety, including “no bids” if received.
EO98-04 Contract and Disclosure requires vendors to complete and submit the form on all purchases over $25,000.00
Illegal Immigrant Contractor Certification Act 157 of 2007 requires vendors to certify online at DFA for service contracts over $25,000.00.
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (EEO) Act 2157 of 2005 requires vendors to submit latest copy of Equal Opportunity Policy for service contracts over $25,000.00.