Credit Card Program

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock Credit Card Program (Procurement Cards Policy 308.6) is designed to help departments or organizational units manage purchases of predetermined dollar limits. Credit cards facilitate the acquisition of lower dollar purchases needed for conducting official university business. Personal purchases are strictly forbidden and may result in disciplinary action.

University-issued Credit Card/Account Types include:

  • Procurement Card (Purchase of low dollar amount commodities and goods)
  • Travel Card (Travel-related expenses for an individual employee or named department)
  • CTS Account (used for department-wide travel arrangements)

Why use a credit card?

University-issued credit cards allow for an accelerated, flexible method of purchasing to support the needs of departments as they go about conducting official UA Little Rock business. The UA Little Rock Credit Card Program utilizes internal management and various methods of control outlined on the Credit Card Procedures page. The purpose of the program is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective way for departments to make purchases. Using the card will be a benefit to the university, its suppliers, and your department. The university will save time and money by consolidating paperwork, suppliers will receive payment more quickly, and your department will get its supplies without unnecessary delays.

If your department is not utilizing a credit card, Procurement Services will be glad to review the program with you and your staff to see how it can benefit your department.

Requesting a New Card or Account

Credit cards and CTS Accounts are only distributed to specific individuals for departmental purchases of commodities/services for official UA Little Rock business purposes. To obtain a credit card or CTS Account, full-time faculty or staff (students, including graduate assistants, are not eligible) must complete the Employee Agreement form specific to the desired card or account.

A completed Employee Agreement form with all necessary signatures must be attached to the Create Request business process in Workday.

Credit Limits


Each P-Card has a default single transaction credit limit of $500 (including shipping/freight and taxes) and a monthly expenditure limit of $2,500 unless otherwise specified on the P-Card Employee Agreement Form.


Each T-card has a default single transaction credit limit of $3,000 (including shipping/freight and taxes) and a monthly expenditure limit of $10,000 unless otherwise specified on the T-Card Employee Agreement Form or the T-Card Department Agreement Form (if the credit card will be in the department’s name).

CTS Accounts

The single transaction and monthly limits are the dollar limits that the department chair/head establishes or will allow, for the individual listed on the CTS Account Employee Agreement Form to spend per transaction and per month.

Limits for all credit card types may be increased or decreased, with written approval, depending on unit requirements, and to accurately reflect the spending level in accordance with authority and spending history.

Permanent limit increase: Requests for a permanent increase to the single transaction credit limit and/or the monthly credit expenditure limit (from what was initially established/approved at the time of application) requires completion of a new P-Card Employee Agreement Form (see above links). The completed form would then be submitted in Workday using the Create Request business process.

Temporary limit increase: For a temporary increase to the single transaction and/or monthly credit expenditure limits require written supervisory approval in the form of an email from specific managerial levels based on the amount of the increase. Approvals are as follows: above previously approved credit limits, the following approvals are needed before the temporary limit can be granted (this can be in the form of an email):

  • Temporary credit limit increase between $501 – $5,000 – Department Chair or Director
  • Temporary credit limit increase between $5,001 – $15,000 – Dean, Assistant Vice Chancellor, or Assistant Provost
  • Temporary credit limit increase $15,001 and above – Associate Provost, Associate Vice Chancellor, or Vice Chancellor