P-Card Program

Welcome to the State of Arkansas/University of Arkansas at Little Rock P-Card Program. This program is designed to help departments or organizational units manage purchases of predetermined dollar limits. The P-Card will facilitate the acquisition of lower dollar purchases needed for conducting official university business. Personal purchases are strictly forbidden and may result in disciplinary action.

P-Card Procedures updated June 2018

If you are a cardholder or an approver, we encourage you to read the updated P-Card Procedures. This update included the following changes: 1) sets a default single transaction credit limit of $500 and a monthly expenditure limit of $2,500 for newly-issued cards; 2) provides a procedure to increase credit limits, temporarily or permanently; 3) expands the Accounting and Reconciliation of Expenditures section, to provide more detailed guidance; and 4) clarifies what are restricted and non-allowable purchases, including technology and furniture purchases. Most significantly this change allows for the purchase of small furniture items on a P-Card without prior approval, as well as low-cost technology cabling or connectivity-related cords and devices. Please consult the P-Card Procedures for full details on these changes.

Why Use a Procurement Card?

The Procurement Card (P-Card) is an accelerated, flexible purchasing tool for conducting official UA Little Rock business. The UA Little Rock P-Card Program utilizes internal management and various methods of control.

The purpose of the program is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective way for departments to make purchases. Using the card will be a benefit to the university, its suppliers, and your department. The university will save time and money by consolidating paperwork, suppliers will receive payment more quickly, and your department will get its supplies without unnecessary delays.

JPMorgan Chase surveyed dozens of its university purchasing card customers. As a result of implementing and enhancing existing procurement card programs, department heads are spending less time authorizing, tracking, and processing purchase data. Financial administrators are reducing overhead and significantly minimizing administrative tasks so staff can focus on other responsibilities, improving payment flexibility, and making purchasing more efficient at all levels of their institution.

If your department is not utilizing the P-Card, Procurement Services will be glad to review the program with you and your staff to see how it can benefit your department.