Methods of Procurement

Following are the various methods of procurement to assist you with creating requisitions:


  1. A requisition must be entered and approved in Banner to authorize Procurement Services to issue a purchase order.
  2. All requisitions, with the exception of blankets, will require supporting documentation submitted through the procurement portal. An example of supporting documentation would be a quote with the price, including shipping and detailed specifications.
  3. Please remember that Procurement Services is no longer processing Payment Enclosed purchases.

Blanket Orders

  1. Blanket orders are to be issued for small orders, rental and lease arrangements. Blanket orders are not to be used to purchase commodities or services which should be purchased by competitive bidding. In addition, blanket orders may not exceed the state bidding threshold limits unless the items have previously been solicited or are on a state or UA Little Rock issued contract.
  2. Blanket orders for small purchases are normally limited to $10,000 per fiscal year.
  3. Information to be included in the blanket requisition to assist in processing:
    1. Departments must indicate on the purchase requisition the person(s) authorized to sign release orders.
    2. Document text for the requisition should include: “This is a blanket order for the purchase of ____________ (give a detailed description of commodities or services to be purchased; no state contract or printing allowed) during the period ________________ (i.e., July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018).”

Copier Blanket Orders

Each department with a copier lease will need to create two blanket requisitions, one for the actual lease and one for estimated overages and copier incidentals. Click HERE for additional information.

Office Supply Blanket Orders

Each department may submit a requisition for blanket office supply orders to GSS or Goddess Office Products. If needed, they may even have a blanket for each vendor.

Travel Authorization Requisitions

University policy states that persons traveling on behalf of UA Little Rock should have an approved Request for Authorization of Travel Expenses (TA) on file. This authorization will also include any “estimated” expenses that will be incurred while traveling. Travel expense reimbursements will not be issued unless a TA is on file. After all of the required signatures have been obtained, submit the TA and all supporting documents online using the Travel Document Submission portal. Read more about the travel authorization and reimbursement process HERE.

Reimbursement Requisitions

  1. Reimbursement of out-of-pocket purchases, which are not incurred as part of authorized travel, may be requested.
  2. To obtain reimbursements, create a requisition in Banner and submit a completed Reimbursement Claim Form and all paid, original receipts pertaining to the reimbursement, to Procurement Services. A description of each item purchased must be on the claim form.

Training, forms, and step-by-step guides can be provided by Procurement Services for any of the above requisition processes. As always, if you need further assistance or have questions, please feel free to contact us at 501-569-3144 or message us HERE.