A requisition is an internal request for procurement action when employees or departments need to obtain goods or services to maintain their business operations. It is not used outside the university. Requisitions:

  • Once approved, “pre-commit” or encumber the budget for the purchase
  • Provide documentation that proper authorization for the purchase has been obtained
  • Authorizes UA Little Rock Procurement Services to expend the budget on behalf of the requisitioner as directed (see Purchase Order)
  • Must be approved by an authorized budget manager before a purchase order can be generated.

No purchase of any kind can be made using a requisition number.

Workday Requisition Guide

For additional details and quick reference guides for requisitions in Workday, please visit the UA System Intranet.

Workday Requisition Types

There are different types of requisitions and different methods of purchase, each with its own unique approval paths. For example, an IT-related requisition would route to the IT department for approval before going to Procurement Services. When creating your requisitions, pay close attention to the requisition type and purchase method you select. When the wrong requisition type is used, Procurement Services will send the requisition back to the initiator.

Requisition Type Consideration and Routing
Capital Equipment/ Projects
  • Used for capital equipment or project purchases. 
Check with Order PO
  • Used for purchases that do not require a traditional PO. 
  • Not to be used to circumvent procurement policy.
  • Examples include memberships, renewals, and copier overages.
Construction/ Renovation/ Projects
  • Used for construction or renovation projects.
  • Will route to Facilities Management for review. 
Cooperative Agreement PO
  • Used when the purchase being requested is from a new or unapproved cooperative agreement and is over the bid limit. 
  • This will not be a common selection and will require attachments. 
Drop Ship
  • A supply chain management method that involves third-party outsourcing by a supplier to acquire the goods, which are then shipped by the third-party. 
  • This will not be a common selection. 
Emergency Purchase
Hold and Call
  • When a check needs to be held at the Cashier’s Office and picked up. 
  • Must include the name and contact of the person picking up the check.
  • Purchases of goods or services from other state agencies, municipalities, or public institutions. 
It Related Purchases
Print Services
  • Requisitions for printing purchases not completed by UA Little Rock Print Services. 
  • All printing not completed by UA Little Rock Print Services must be bid by Procurement Services. 
  • Will route to Print Services for review.
Promotional Items and Trade-Marked Licensing PO
  • Used for the purchase of all promotional or licensed goods
  • Must be competitively bid with approved suppliers from the Office of Communications. 
  • Bid Packet must be attached to the requisition as supporting documentation. 
  • Will be routed to Communications for review. 
Purchase for Resale
  • Used in instances in which there is a purchase for resale on the requisition. 
  • Entire purchase is exempt from tax due to being a purchase for resale. 
  • Example: a good purchased for resale in a shop. 
  • Used for the purchase of services, including technical, general, or professional services. 
Sole Source PO
  • Used when requesting items that are over the bid threshold and can only be provided by a single supplier. 
  • Requires attachment of Sole Source Justification per the sole-source process
  • Used for any purchase that does not fit the other requisition types. 
  • Most common requisition type. 
Trade-In PO
  • Used for requisitions involving a trade-in of university-owned assets. 
  • Must follow established processes

Auto-Sourced Purchase Requisitions

Requisitions meeting certain criteria will be automatically sourced into a purchase order after the final approval has been obtained. Auto-sourcing will be completed when a requisition meets all of the criteria below:

  • Has a supplier identified on the requisition, 
  • Has a Requisition Type of:
    • Standard, Capital Equipment/Projects, Construction/Renovation, Cooperative Agreement, Hold and Call, Intergovernmental, Purchase for Resale, or Service, 
  • Is below the small order threshold ($20,000)

Once the purchase order has been automatically sourced, the requisition requestor will be able to send the PO to the supplier to complete the order. 

Procurement Services will conduct a review of auto-sourced purchase orders to ensure they have been completed in accordance with procurement law and policy. Any purchase for goods or services made without adhering to state procurement laws and regulations is an illegal purchase. When it is apparent that something was procured incorrectly, the buyer will request a justification memo explaining why the purchase was made, what happened, and how it will be prevented in the future. Payment may not be made to the supplier until the justification memo has been approved. 

Once the request is submitted to procurement services, it will be reviewed and only approved if it meets the following two criteria:

  • The person that completed the purchase did not act fraudulently or in bad faith, and
  • Doing so is in the best interest of the university. 

If the request is approved, the purchase will be ratified and affirmed, allowing payment of invoices. If the request is not approved, the person responsible for the purchase will be held accountable for payment.

Finding, Editing, and Canceling Requisitions

If changes are needed to a requisition, the initiator can access the requisition, make the necessary changes, and resubmit the requisition. 

To find and change or cancel a requisition in Workday, search for and select ‘My Requisitions,’ enter any search criteria to narrow down your results (optional), and click “OK.” From the ‘My Requisitions’ page, you can:

  • Create a requisition
  • View details of previously submitted requisitions
  • Access supplier information
  • Access purchase order details
  • View the request status of requisitions
  • Edit ‘in progress’ requisitions

Keep in mind that a requisition, if changed, must go back through all levels of approval. Requisitions can still be changed at the buyer level if necessary.

Printable Version of a Purchase Order

To print or download a printable version of an approved PO, click the related actions icon to the right of the PO number, select Purchase Order, then Printable Version.  You will then need to click “OK” then “Refresh” until the download reaches 100% and the PDF is made available.