Supplier Invoice Request (SInvR) and Check With Order – Bill Only Requisition Types

The Supplier Invoice Request (SInvR) Rule is adopted to promote operational efficiency and mitigate institutional risk.

Requisition Type Check with Order - Bill Only Usage

The Workday Check with Order- Bill Only requisition type should be limited to goods or services that are not ordered ahead of time and do not traditionally require a purchase order. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Copier overages
  • Annual institutional membership fees
  • Guest lecturers, performers, or speakers
  • Utility Payments
  • Subscriptions
  • This requisition type may also be used to ratify non-compliant spend.
  • Urgent situations are allowable for services only.
    • When time or circumstances do not permit prior approval, by Procurement, an email should be sent at the earliest practical time. This must comply with the Emergency Purchases procedure.
    • Spend thresholds must be followed and, if needed, emergency procurement procedures must be followed.

If you are unsure if your spend fits this process, contact Procurement Services.

Supplier Invoice Request (SInvR) is a stand-alone Workday business process, completely separate from purchase orders, contracts, reporting, or budget planning, that should only be used with permission from Procurement Services.  Most purchases would be completed with a requisition type Check with Order- Bill Only.

SInvR Request

The SInvR process should be limited to only those transactions where there is no other means of purchasing available. To request usage of the SINVR process please email Procurement Services with the following information:

  • Identify the reason the normal purchasing process cannot be used.
  • Identify the goods or services.
  • Provide the supplier name, contact information, and invoice.
  • Provide the dollar amount, funding, and department contact information.

If approved, Procurement Services will provide a written approval that may be attached to the SInvR along with the invoice.

Exception—Not the Rule

Departments should plan ahead on spend to ensure the correct method of procurement is being used. Purchases completed by this method may subject the university to unnecessary liabilities and risks.

  • Think it through, just because the process is available does not confirm compliance or best practice, and there may be implications for the university.
  • Before using this requisition type consider using a P-card to complete the transaction.
  • Lack of planning does not justify a Check with Order – Bill Only requisition.
  • Continued inappropriate purchases may result in disciplinary action.

Not Allowable

The SInvR and Check with Order process should not be used to circumvent State, Federal, UA System, or University policies.

  • Repeated regular purchases should not be completed on SInvR.
    • Examples: monthly subscription fee, pest control service, Data plan.
  • Goods or commodities should not be purchased without written prior approval from Procurement Services.
  • Do not create a SInvR for goods or services on an established supplier contract without prior approval from Procurement Services.

SInvR Process

  • The initiator must complete the SInvR in Workday using the “Create Supplier Invoice Request” task. A quick reference guide can be located in the Workday Learning Resource.
    • All supporting documentation, including written approvals, justifications, W-9 for contingent workers, and the invoice must be attached to the SInvR. If the documentation is missing the request may be sent back.
      If a supplier contract exists and the department has approval, a SInvR may be used and will need to complete the following additional steps. The supplier contract number listed in the additional information memo located in the header field.
      The SPC number should be written on the invoice if it was not already included by the supplier.
  • Once the Supplier Invoice Request is submitted, it is routed for approval. The approver(s) will be determined by the selections made in the request.
    • Reviewers and approvers should follow these guidelines to help streamline the process.
    • Note that once the SInvR is submitted the worktags cannot be changed. Check all grants (grants may need to be opened) and worktags before submitting.
  • A Supplier Invoice is created upon approval of the Supplier Invoice Request.
  • The requester can view the completion status of the Supplier Invoice Request by searching and selecting ‘My Supplier Invoice Requests’ from the search bar.