Employee Reimbursements

Reimbursements to employees are for expenses that were paid by the employee using personal funds but are the legal obligation or property of the university. An expense report in Workday is required for any reimbursement to be processed. All reimbursements must include the following:

  • Valid receipt(s) from the purchase(s) – attachment
  • Details on why the purchase was made/needed – justification section
  • How the purchase benefits UA Little Rock and/or the State of Arkansas – justification section

Membership, Licensure, and Professional Development Reimbursements

When an employee purchases memberships (Payment of Dues for Membership in Professional Organizations – 308.3), licensures, or professional development courses, webinars, etc. a justification must be submitted that addresses 1) how the purchase benefits the university and 2) why the purchase is needed. 

Justifications may be submitted as either an attachment or in the memo section of the expense report. 

On-campus Events

Events on any of the campuses, whether hosted or coordinated by UA Little Rock, meet the criteria of being an “official function” of the university (Catering on Campus – 223.4). Sodexo has the first right of refusal for all catering on-campus. Exceptions to this agreement: the UA Little Rock Law School, off-campus functions, the Chancellor’s residence, Bailey Alumni Center, Stephens Event Center, and/or other addresses where the Chancellor may have the option of contracting with other caterers for specific events, and except for sales through the campus bookstore and vending.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If Sodexo waives its right to cater events on the main campus and an employee is paying for outside food and drink, the email from Sodexo approving the purchase of outside food and drink should be attached to the expense report. 

University Credit Card Purchases For On-Campus Events

To alert procurement staff to the potential need for additional action to allow purchases (food or entertainment) from restricted vendors, complete and attach the email from Sodexo, and include justification on a spend authorization in Workday. Procurement Services will then review and make the needed changes to the university credit card. 

Justification Example:

Using P-card 1234 to purchase food and entertainment for student activity. Waiver attached. 

Reimbursements with Special Meeting Forms

Some reimbursements require that a special meeting form be attached to the expense report. The sections below provide information on different situations that require a special meeting form. Please note that there will be some situations that do not fit into any of the categories below.

Off-campus Events

Official functions (see UA Little Rock Official Functions Policy, 205.1 for details) held off-campus require an expense report for purchase approval and should be submitted when payment or reimbursement is anticipated. Examples include, but are not limited to: 

  • an official function for non-state employees (guest of state) 
  • an official function that involves faculty, staff, and students
  • an official function that includes meals or lodging within the area of the employee’s “official station”

The UA Little Rock Downtown center is considered off-campus and a spend authorization should be submitted before purchases made for Downtown center events. 

University credit card purchases for off-campus events

To alert procurement staff to the potential need for additional action to allow purchases (food or entertainment) from restricted vendors, complete and attach a special meeting form, and include justification on a spend authorization in Workday. 

Justification example:

Using P-card 1234 to purchase food and entertainment for student activity. SMF attached. 

Meal Reimbursements

Reimbursement for non-travel related meals is allowable. The following are examples of situations which warrant a reimbursement:

  • Meal was part of an official function
  • Meal was for a student trip
  • Meal was purchased as a substitute for a meal provided at a university business conference or meeting where a meal was provided that an employee or student cannot eat for medical or religious reasons, or due to a conflict of interest 

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of examples. There may be certain situations outside of the scopes defined above that can be reimbursed. Please contact our office if your situation is unique and you’re not sure if the purchase is reimbursable. 

A special meeting form should be attached to expense reports for meal reimbursements. 

Important notes:

  • UA Little Rock employees, other state agency employees (includes state-affiliated colleges and universities) must adhere to the federal per diem rate established by the U.S. General Services Administration
  • Per diem includes the meal, tax, and up to a 15% tip. 
  • In the example below, the employee’s meal and tax exceeded the allowed per diems and was capped at the maximum per diem for the specific meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). No tip was reimbursed for the employee.
  • The employee received full reimbursement for the guest of state’s meal, tax, and tip.
Item Type Meal & Tax Tip 15% Total Allowed
Yaya Empl Per Diem $23.00 $23.00
Dinner GoS $37.74 $5.10 $42.84
Bar 42 Empl $14.00 $14.00
Lunch GoS $13.08 $1.80 $14.88
Butcher Shop Empl $23.00 $23.00
Dinner GoS $37.97 $5.79 $43.76
Total Reimbursement $161.48

Non-Employee Reimbursements

Non-employee and student reimbursements will be done differently in Workday, but this process is still being developed. 

Please contact our office at procurement@ualr.edu or send us a message if you have questions or need assistance.