Catering on Campus – LR 223.4

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Catering on Campus
Policy Number: LR 223.4
Effective Date: February 1, 2014<


The University of Arkansas at Little Rock contracts for food services, including catering services, with a single food service provider. When scheduling university-related events that require catering service, all units are expected to make arrangements for such catering services with the current food service provider.

Source of Funds. This policy applies whether the funds are from university budgets, a foundation account, or an outside group.

Buildings and Sites. With exceptions noted below, this policy applies to all buildings and all programs at all campus sites, including the main campus, the law school, the Arkansas Studies Institute, and other sites in the metropolitan area that may be added through lease or purchase in the future.

Outside Groups. This policy also applies to outside groups who rent university facilities.

Standing Exceptions. Standing exceptions to this policy include the UA Little Rock Benton Center and athletics-related events (not non-athletics-related events) in the Jack Stephens Center.

Other Exceptions. Specific exceptions may be warranted from time to time. If the current food service provider declines a request for catering services because of the nature or location of an event or because of heavy demand for catering services at a particular time, then a unit may use an off-campus catering service. Requests for exceptions may be made and should be directed to the vice provost for student affairs, who serves as UA Little Rock’s contact administrator for food service. Approval of an exception for an event one year does not carry forward as an approval for an exception for the same event the following year.

Ad Hoc Occasions. Ad hoc occasions such as when a faculty member brings pizza to a class or when a unit does a potluck style holiday gathering are also exceptions to the policy. In such cases, those involved should provide their own napkins, condiments, etc. While not required, it is appropriate to use the current food service provider for such events.

Source: Chancellor’s Office
Approved By: Chancellor Joel E. Anderson
Custodian: Office of the Chancellor