Payment of Dues for Membership in Professional Organizations – LR 308.3

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Payment of Dues for Membership in Professional Organizations
Policy Number: LR 308.3
Effective Date: November 30, 2010


Memberships in an organization where the university is listed as the member or where the university designates an institutional representative in an organization may be paid from appropriated funds. Appropriated funds may not normally be used to pay individual membership dues, assessments, or any other levy in professional organizations, honorary societies, civic clubs, or other organizations where the membership is in the name of an individual. However, individual membership fees can be considered for payment in cases when the university will clearly benefit from the membership, and one or more of the following criteria prevail:

  1. the organization does not offer an institutional membership;
  2. the individual membership fee is less than the institutional membership fee;
  3. individual license fees are necessary to meet or maintain a specific job description requirement; or
  4. individual memberships are required to achieve other benefit(s) desired by the university.

A letter of justification from the supervisor of the individual requesting the membership(s) should accompany the purchase requisition defining the benefit to be achieved by the university from the membership(s) and which of the above criteria are relevant to this purchase request. All memberships are subject to availability of funds and administrative approval.

Source: University-wide Administrative Memo 350.1, February 23, 1996
Revised: February 23, 1996; November 30, 2010
Approved: Robert Adams, VCFA
Custodian: Office of Finance and Administration