Competitive Bid Tabulation Form

Competitive Bid Tabulation Form

This form is used for the Procurement of Promotional Products.

Once a bid submission deadline has passed, submitted quotes should be processed and entered into the Competitive Bid Tabulation Form. The department will enter the unit price for each item and any additional charges that may have been submitted, such as shipping, artwork, storage, or other approved costs. If you receive a “no bid” or “no response” from a vendor, include that on your tab sheet by typing “NO BID” in the vendor’s line item field. The items may be awarded on all or none basis or by line item, whichever is in the best interest of the university. The apparent low bidder will be the bidder with the lowest costs that meets or exceeds the specification.

If there is a tie bid, please contact Procurement Services for assistance at 501-916-3144.