Risk & Property Management

  • Auto Liability & Physical Damage Insurance
  • Building & Property Insurance
  • Employee Travel AD&D Insurance
  • Student Accident Insurance (Camps & Travel)
  • Professional Liability Insurance (Health Services Staff & Nursing/Social Work Students)
  • Other Miscellaneous Insurance

Employee Travel AD&D Insurance

The university provides a group AD&D insurance policy to cover all active employees and directors of the university while on the business of the university during a bona fide trip. This policy provides coverage of $100,000 for Loss of Life and up to $100,000 for Loss of Limb, Sight, Hearing, or Speech. The policy will pay an additional 10% of Principal Sum (to a Maximum of $25,000) if loss was incurred while wearing a seat belt or lap and shoulder restraint while operating or riding as a passenger in any private passenger motor vehicle designed for use primarily on public roads.

At age 70, the amount of the benefit is reduced based on age at Date of Loss.

Other injuries incurred while on official university business (not death or dismemberment) may be covered under Workers’ Compensation (and/or the auto policy if traveling in a university-owned or rented vehicle).

Click HERE to view additional information on employee and student travel. Forms may be accessed by clicking HERE.

Business Auto Insurance

The university’s Business Auto Insurance Policy provides up to a combined single limit coverage for Bodily Injury and Property Damage liability losses of $1,000,000 for automobiles; medical payments of $5,000 per person; and comprehensive and collision coverage for specified fleet autos and for hire autos. The comprehensive and collision deductible is $1,000 per occurrence for specific university vehicles. For non-university owned vehicles, the auto liability policy will pay in excess over any other collectible insurance. The policy does not provide physical damage coverage for non-owned automobiles.

The university’s Business Auto Insurance Policy covers accidents or losses, which occur in the United States of America, its territories and possessions, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Should you operate a car in a country not covered by the university’s insurance, an employee should purchase whatever insurance is needed to adequately cover damages or liability. The cost of such coverage will be reimbursed if the cost is within the maximum limits of an employee’s travel authorization.

Employees using their personally owned vehicle for university business travel must carry at least the minimum limit of auto liability insurance as is required by law.

Drivers must report all accidents that occur while on state business, 1) within 24 hours of the occurrence or by the next working day if the accident occurs in a state vehicle; and 2) within 7 working days if the accident occurs in a private vehicle. Accidents should be reported to Facilities Management if driving a state-owned vehicle, as well as the employee’s department head and the Office of Finance and Administration.

Student Travel and Camp Accident Insurance Policies

Risk Management provides an insurance policy for university departments to use (according to the terms of the Student Travel Policy) in providing travel accident insurance for students traveling on university sponsored/supervised trips. To insure students traveling under this policy, departments must complete a Student Trip Authorization form 10 calendar days in advance of the trip. The insurance costs $.60 per day per student for private vehicle travel and $.80 per day per student for airplane travel.

Coverage begins at the actual start of the trip from the original point of departure and will end when the insured arrives at the return destination point. The policy is with Markel Insurance Company.

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