This page is designed as a one-stop website for forms for the Finance departments. Forms are regularly updated to be user-friendly while at the same time accommodating the needs of the respective departments. You can access forms by department using the menu on the left, or alphabetically using the following index.

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Ad Hoc Form
Ad Hoc Payment Form (Student)
Annual Report of Extra Income in Excess of $500
Authorization for Direct Deposit of Payroll
Authorization to Operate State Vehicles and Private Vehicles on State Business
Authorization to Receive and Deposit Cash on Behalf of the University

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Banner Authorization/Security Access
Budget Amendment Form

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CARES Act Budget Request
Cash Handling Delegation
Certificate of Destruction (no longer in use, see Marketing and Redistribution (M&R) Form)
Claim Form – Student Travel and Camp Accident Insurance
Class Trip Authorization – See Student Trip Authorization
Code of Ethical Conduct Acknowledgement
Competitive Bid Tabulation Form
Competitive Quote Bid Form

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statem00ent
Conflict of Interest Statement
Contract and Grant Disclosure and Certification Form
CTS (Ghost) Card Employee Agreement
CTS (Ghost) Reviewer Application – UA Little Rock

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Departmental Deposit
Department Organization Structure Change
Designated Worktag Request Form
Detail Code Request
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Employee’s State Withholding Exemption Certificate (Form AR4EC)

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Facilities Use Agreement
Faculty Start-Up Fund Request
Fleet Vehicle Change
Fund Code Maintenance Form (FTMFUND)

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Gift Card/Prize Disbursement Log
Gifts in Kind (FIX007)
Guest of State Registration

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Internal Service Provider Request
Inventory Certification Sheet
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Leave Adjustment – Exempt Employees and Faculty
Lost or Stolen Property (FIX005)

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Marketing and Redistribution (M&R) Form
Missing Document Affidavit
Motor Vehicle Accident Report

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Office Supply Sign-Up Form

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P-Card Employee Agreement
P-Card Reviewer Application
P-Card Temporary Spend Authorization
Position Number/Reclassification (PNRF)
Project Worktag Request Form
Proxy Request

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Receipt Form (Guest of State or Student Reimbursements Only)
Reimbursement Claim Form (Employee Reimbursements Only)
Reviewer Application (T-Card and P-Card)
Request for Authorization of Travel Expenses (TA)
Request for Budget Transfer (BUD002)
Request for New Budget/Budget Adjustment
Request for New Designated Fund Budget/Budget Adjustment
Request for Refund or Adjustment of Account
Request for Reissue of Missing Accounts Payable Check

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Services Contract (PCS/TGS), Form SRV-1
Services Contract Amendment (PCS/TGS), Form SRV-1A
Shipping Information Form
Special Meeting Form
Statement of Financial Interest
Student Ad Hoc Payment Form
STA Additional Driver From
Student Trip Authorization (STA – formerly Class Trip Authorization)

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T-Card Employee Agreement
T-Card Reviewer Application
Tuition Waiver (Employees &  Spouse/Dependant)

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Unlisted Property (FIX004)
USPS Custom Forms

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W-4 Form
W-8BEN (foreign individuals)
W-8BEN-E (foreign entities)
W-9 Form
Wire Transfers

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