Request for Authorization of Travel Expenses (TA)

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University policy states that persons traveling on behalf of UA Little Rock should have an approved Request for Authorization of Travel Expenses (TA) on file. This authorization will also include any “estimated” expenses that will be incurred while traveling. Travel expense reimbursements will not be issued unless a TA is on file.

*If you are requesting meals reimbursement and are not staying overnight, a Special Meeting Form is required before the TA will be approved.
**If you are requesting meals reimbursement and lodging is being provided at no cost to the university, please provide that information in the comments box.

Form and Printed Instructions

General Information Section

  1. Authorization Number: Authorization number will be assigned by Procurement Services.
  2. Amended TA: Check box if the TA being submitted is an amendment to a previously approved TA; include the approved TA# on the Authorization Number line.
  3. Check appropriate box for traveler’s status: Employee/GA, Student, or Guest of State.
  4. Enter the Traveler’s name, T#, Title, Date Submitted, Department, Contact Name, Contact Telephone No., Contact Email, Purpose of Travel and Travel Destination. If a Guest of State does not have a T#, the GOS must complete the Guest of State Registration and be assigned a Vendor ID# prior to submitting the TA.
  5. Dates of Travel: Enter the actual dates of departure and return. This is especially important for confirmation of hotel and airline reservations.
  6. Dates of Meeting/Official Business: Enter beginning and ending dates of meeting or official business.
  7. Daily Allowance for Destination: Enter the daily maximum for hotel and meals, based on location. Amounts may be found on the GSA Per Diem Rates website.
  8. No Cost (Insurance Only): Check to cover employee for university business travel AD&D insurance coverage only. This is for travel in which no expenses will be incurred. Indicate zero dollars in the estimated cost section and include a FOAPAL. An Authorization Number will be assigned for tracking purposes only; no funds will be encumbered.

Estimated Expenses Section

For each expense enter the total estimated expense under the appropriate method of payment column.

Method of Payment:
  1. Prepaid is to request prepayment of airline tickets or registration fees. Enter the vendor number in the Vendor ID# field. If the vendor does not have an ID#, the vendor must register for one by completing the Vendor Application. The items in this section should never be duplicated as a personal expense.
  2. CTS, T-Card, or P-Card are university-issued credit cards that may be used to prepay airline tickets, registration fees, hotel rooms, or rental cars. NOTE: The P-Card can only be used to pay registration fees. The items in this section should never be duplicated as a personal expense.
  3. Personal are out-of-pocket expenses that the traveler will submit for reimbursement following travel.
Estimated Expenses (Refer to Travel Rules, Regulations, and Procedures for guidance)
  1. Transportation: Check mode of transportation and enter cost of travel in the appropriate column. If travel is by air and the ticket is to be prepaid, attach the air itinerary to the TA.
  2. Personal Auto: If using a personal auto, enter the number of miles for round trip using Rand McNally maps to determine miles. Total reimbursable mileage expense will auto-populate in the Personal column.
  3. Rental Car: Enter the total estimated cost for rental car. Car rental must be from one of the mandatory state contract vendors and in accordance with UA Little Rock’s Travel Rules, Regulations, and Procedures.
  4. Registration Fee: Enter cost of any registration fees. If fee is to be prepaid, attach the registration form to the TA form. (Note: The P-Card can be used to pay registration fees.)
  5. Hotel + Tax: Enter the total estimated cost plus tax for the hotel, and in accordance with the Maximum Daily Allowance for Lodging for the destination city per GSA Per Diem Rates.
  6. Meals: Enter the total estimated cost for meals and in accordance with the Maximum Daily Allowance for Meals for the destination city per GSA Per Diem Rates. Daily allowance must include taxes and up to 15% gratuity.
    NOTE: A Special Meeting Form must be submitted with the TA for all meals without overnight lodging.
    **If you are requesting meals reimbursement and lodging is being provided at no cost to the university, please provide that information in the comments box when you upload the TA in the Travel Documents Submission portal.
  7. Public Transportation: Enter the total estimated cost for public transportation (taxi, shuttle, Uber, subway, etc.). Public transportation tips are not reimbursable.
  8. Other: Enter the total estimated cost for other miscellaneous expenses (parking, telephone, Internet, baggage fees, etc.).
  9. Total Expenses: The total estimated reimbursable expenses to traveler will auto-populate.
  10. Grand Total Estimated Travel Expenses: The grand total of all estimated expenses will auto-populate (Prepaid, CTS, T-Card, P-Card, and Personal columns).
  11. Reimbursement Limited: If reimbursement is limited to a certain amount, enter the amount in this blank.
  12. Travel Advance: Check Yes or No for travel advance. If Yes, enter amount of meals, public, and other from above estimated expenses section in the provided blanks and complete the Travel Advance Agreement. Submit the Travel Advance Agreement with the TA through the Travel Document Submission portal. Accounts Payable will complete the Cash Advance Total on the TA. Travel advances can only be for 50% of estimated eligible expenses for individual travel and 90% of estimated eligible expenses for student group travel. Please note that the minimum travel advance is $100.
  13. FOAPAL: Enter up to three FOAPAL(s) travel expenses will be charged to, indicating the amount allocated to each FOAPAL and/or the order you wish them to be applied (1, 2, or 3). If there are special instructions for which expense to pay from which FOAPAL (i.e., pay registration fee from that FOAPAL), add those in the space provided. Do not include credit card expense in the FOAPAL line totals; departments will reallocate these expenses to the appropriate FOAPAL(s) through US Bank online.
  14. NO COST OR CREDIT CARD ONLY TA’S: You must enter a FOAPAL in the FOAPAL section for zero dollars. We are assigning Authorization Numbers to No Cost and Credit Card Only TA’s for tracking purposes, and this is necessary under Procurement Services’ new processing procedures.
    1. If a change is needed on a TA regarding expense amounts or other travel information, the traveler should complete a new TA form, write the original Authorization Number# in the space provided and check the Amended TA box (top right). The Amended TA must also be approved by all approvers.
    2. If a change to the FOAPAL is required, the original TA must be voided and a new TA submitted. A new Authorization Number will be assigned.

Request for Special Authorization Section

This section is used to request approval to claim more than the per diem allowed daily rate for lodging. An explanation for the request must be entered along with the signature of the dean or vice chancellor. A memo may be attached if additional space is needed. Accounts Payable will only allow regular reimbursement rates if the dean or vice chancellor’s signature is missing.

Approval Section

  1. Signatures are required from the TravelerDirect Supervisor, and Dean or Vice Chancellor before the TA form will be processed.
  2. If travelling out of the United States, clearance and a signature must be obtained from the Export Control Office.
  3. If travelling out of the United States using restricted funds, clearance and a signature must be obtained from ORSP.
  4. The Procurement Services Travel Supervisor will provide the final signature and assign an Authorization Number. Travel is then approved and arrangements/reservations can be made.

Routing and Other Instructions

  1. After all of the required signatures have been obtained, submit the TA and all supporting documents online using the Travel Document Submission form. You will receive an error message if the file is too large to upload. If you are unable to upload your travel documents via the portal, please message Procurement Services.
  2. Procurement Services will EMAIL the TA to the contact person’s email address once an Authorization Number is assigned. Paper copies will no longer be sent to departments via campus mail.
  3. No more than one TA form should be submitted by an employee for any one trip. All the expense items, prepaid or reimbursable, should be together on one TA form.
  4. If a UA Little Rock employee is responsible for student expenses and will be reimbursed, then two TA’s (and two TR-1’s) must be completed, one for the employee and one for the student(s). Attach a list of students to the student TA. If cash is distributed to students in the group, the supervising employee must provide a list of students’ names with their signatures acknowledging the amount of the cash advance.
  5. Reminder: After return from the trip, the Travel Reimbursement Form (TR-1) must be submitted to Accounts Payable via the Travel Document Submission form within 14 days and any unused travel advance returned per the Travel Advance Agreement.

Contact Information

Please message the Travel Supervisor using the Message Procurement Services form or call 501-916-5726 if you have any questions about completing this form or travel procedures.