CTS (Ghost) Card Employee Agreement

CTS (Ghost) Card Employee Agreement

Complete the top section of the form as indicated. Please note: The full name of the department’s travel coordinator should be included, including middle name or initial.

It is the responsibility of the department chair/head to list the default worktags that encumbrances and all charges will be paid from.

In addition, the single transaction and monthly limits are the dollar limits that the department chair/head establishes, or will allow, for the individual listed on the form to spend per transaction and per month.

The department chair/head should list the person(s) that will serve as the CTS Card coordinator(s) for the department. The department’s assigned Travel Coordinator may also be a departmental coordinator.

Once appropriate signatures have been obtained, return the completed form to Procurement Services for processing.

Please contact Procurement Services at 501-916-3144 or procurement@ualr.edu if you need assistance completing this form or have other questions.