Fall 2017 Colloquium Schedule

Date Dept Name of the Speaker Title of the Talk Host
8/18  IS Dr. John R. Talburt Seminar Orientation John Talburt
8/25  IS Dr. Melody Penning, UAMS Health Informatics Research: Scope, Theory, and Methodology John Talburt
9/1  IS Dr. Elizabeth Pierce, UA Little Rock  Information Science 2030: Our Roadmap to the Future John Talburt
9/8  IS Dr. Mathias Brochhausen, UAMS Improving Data Quality in Biomedical Data using Semantic Web Technologies John Talburt
9/15  SE Dr. Xian Liu, UA Little Rock Global Optimization and Applications in Electrical Engineering Jin Lee
9/22  IS Dr. Xiaowei Xu, UA Little Rock New Developments in Mining Big Data Daniel Berleant
9/29  SE Dr. Fumiya Watanabe, Nanotechnology Center Materials Characterization at Nanoscale Jin Lee
10/6  No Seminar Excused to attend the MIT International Conference on Information Quality hosted by EIT
10/13  SE Dr. Samer Yahya Hadi Inverse Kinematics for Robots with Redundancy Jin Lee
10/20  IS Dr. Daniel Pullen, Black Oak Analytics The Push-Pull Relationship of Entity Resolution and Hadoop in a Big Data World John Talburt
10/27  SE Dr. Andrew Wright, UA Little Rock Novel Collaboration between Engineering and Geosciences to Design a Green Power Station for Field Camp: A Case Study Jin Lee
11/3  IS  Col. Robert G. Dixon, US Army Corp of Engineers Turning the Aircraft Carrier:  Data Analytics Transformation at the Little Rock District Corps of Engineers John Talburt
11/10  CS Dr. Wenliang Du, Syracuse University Android Security: Attacks, Defenses, and Education Mengjun Xie
11/17  CS  Yanyan Li  TBA Mengjun Xie
11/24  No Seminar Thanksgiving Break
12/1  No Seminar  Prepare for Finals