Dr. Glenn Anderson

Trailblazer in the Deaf Community

AndersonDr. Glenn Anderson’s career is anchored in public service at the university level, state level, and throughout the nation. His service includes mentoring students in the McNair Scholars Program, mentoring undergraduate students as they progress through and obtain their undergraduate and graduate degrees at UA Little Rock, and serving on a number of committees. Dr. Anderson’s service also includes facilitating graduate student research via dissertation committees on deafness—a much needed resource at this university.

Dr. Anderson is well known throughout the field of deafness, and the interpreting program benefits from his participation as a faculty member. His success, and the professional impact of his success, is greatly attributed to Dr. Anderson’s rich history in education, rehabilitation, deafness, and interpreting. He has often been at the forefront of scholarship and service in these fields. His career is anchored in service as well as teaching and research.

Dr. Anderson’s state and national service is exemplary as well. His service includes serving on state and national advisory boards (including Arkansas Black Deaf Advocates, National Black Deaf Advocates, and the Board of Directors for the Arkansas Association of the Deaf ), being chosen to participate in the Federal Communications Commission’s documentary, Celebrating Progress: ADA’s 20th Anniversary, and being invited to write book forewords, reviews, and chapters on Black Deaf history. As one of his letters of recommendation states so eloquently, “He has been a true trailblazer and created new paths for others to follow and go further in education, employment, and endeavors.” As another states, “I count Dr. Anderson as a genuine public servant who seeks nothing but betterment of society.”

Dr. Anderson’s degrees include a Ph.D. in rehabilitation counseling from New York University, a M.S. in rehabilitation counseling from the University of Arizona, and a B.A. in psychology from Gallaudet College (now Gallaudet University).

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