Professor Lyn Entrikin

William H. Bowen School of Law

Professor of Law

Lyn Entrikin Lyn Entrikin is a professor at the Bowen School of Law known for her student mentoring and commitment to students.

Entrikin teaches legal writing, research, and advocacy, among the most important subjects taught in law school. Past students have written about Entrikin’s high expectations and firm deadlines, but they have also stated that Entrikin’s teaching method has converted them into the successful lawyers they are today. Entrikin’s teaching methodology is different than the typical law school teaching method. Entrikin does not use the Socratic Method in any of her classes because she does not believe it is an effective teaching method. Instead, she employs a wide variety of teaching methods. In Research, Writing and Analysis, Entrikin presents information using Powerpoint slides, students work in small groups on assigned exercises, and students are given mock arguments. Entrikin also doesn’t use made-up fact patterns for her assignments. She tries to find pending cases along with abstracts from their records, so the students learning the process of legal analysis in the classroom will be as close as possible to what they would experience in the field.

Entrikin is also dedicated to providing as much help as she can to her students. And, even though her classes are known to be work heavy, students have commented on Entrikin extending regular office hours, providing and encouraging students to call her on her personal cell phone, giving prompt feedback on assignments, and requiring regular conferences to check their progress. She is also known to provide help even when a student is no longer in her class, and former students state they hear from Entrikin after having graduated to see how they are doing.  

Entrikin has a J.D. from Washburn University School of Law, an M.P.A. from the University of Kansas, and a bachelor’s degree, also from the University of Kansas.


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