Dr. Kristen McIntyre

Dr. Kristen McIntyre, associate professor in the Applied Communication Department, demonstrates an exceptional application of her academic discipline and is a model for mentoring others toward difference-making public service.

McIntyre has served as lead facilitator and/or provided support for hundreds of campus and community communication workshops covering topics such as persuasion, public speaking, networking, employee engagement, conflict resolution, constructive feedback, transformational leadership skills, and ethical feedback. This variety reveals the breadth of her ability to transport skills from the communication discipline into service for our campus and community.

McIntyre established the Communication Assessment Academy, based on a needs assessment with leaders of Immerse Arkansas and the youth they serve who have aged out of the foster care system. Topics Include conflict management, active listening, and using “I” language. For five years, graduate students from her summer communication training class have worked with a total of 40 Immerse Arkansas youth while earning a Communication Excellence Certificate.

Her leadership is supported by a publication record and work in the classroom and on and off campus. She has co-authored book chapters on service learning to enhance intellectual, intercultural, global, community, and personal student outcomes, as well as best practices in experiential and service learning in communication.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Erin Finzer spoke to the McIntyre’s influence in service learning on the Spanish program: “As a direct result of this professional development, we were able to incorporate service learning at all levels of our major and to develop stable community partnerships with three large nonprofits that serve Hispanic clientele. Several of our students have secured full-time employment in interpreting or working with the Spanish-speaking public because they have had these experiences. I can think of no greater impact than linking the curricular experience to experiential learning, which both empowers our students with employable skills while serving the public good.”

Dr. McIntyre received a Ph.D. from North Dakota State University, an M.A. from Iowa State University, and a B.A. from the University of North Dakota.

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