Anastasia M. Boles

William H. Bowen School of Law

Anastasia BolesAnastasia M. Boles, Associate Professor of Law

  • Professor Boles has served as a co-director of the Racial Disparities Project since June 2017. Boles was active in the project from 2015 to 2017 as a presenter and facilitator.
  • She also served as a researcher on the Racial Disparities Project’s prosecutorial discretion subcommittee. She is helping to address, through community guidance and outreach, issues of inequality and inequity in our criminal justice system and to demonstrate its impact on a large portion of the population.
  • Professor Boles has presented at a myriad of workshops focusing on cultural competency in legal processes, such as the bankruptcy process and housing law.
  • Her work with the Holloran Center for Ethical Leadership on developing training materials on cultural competency for law professors will have a direct, positive impact for law students and for the profession.
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