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Faculty, Staff Spearhead Campaign Success

On April 11, UALR will release the results of its first comprehensive fundraiser campaign, “It’s Time for UALR,” and when the final tallies are told, much of the credit for its success will go to the institution’s faculty and staff.

“Not many institutions can boast a campus giving rate like UALR,” said Jennifer A. McDonough, partner in the firm of Bentz Whaley and Flessner of Minneapolis, a philanthropic consulting firm. “The strategic decision to involve faculty and staff at all levels of the giving initiative continues to impact results that most would be envious of.”

The university will reveal the results of the seven-year campaign on April 10 at a reception for its top donors, but analysis of initial results of campaign gifts indicate how belief in and support for UALR’s mission by its faculty and staff primed the pump for corporate and community giving.

“UALR faculty and staff further validating their good work by giving to the campaign sure made it easier for me to give,” said Haskell Dickinson, who also agreed to chair the campaign. “I know from my campaign work that the faculty and staff giving rates positively impacted other external funding sources.”

Although figures won’t be final until April 11, initial tallies show 3 percent of the estimated $100 million-plus total came from faculty and staff gifts.

“Generous giving by our campus community set the stage for our comprehensive campaign,” said Bob Denman, vice chancellor for development and campaign manager. “Our success is due in part to their early campaign participation and leadership.”