Updated Facilities and Administration Rate

Effective July 1, 2023, the university has entered into a new Facilities and Administration (F&A) rate agreement for grants, contracts, and other agreements with the federal government. This new F&A rate should be calculated in all grant submissions effective immediately.

Notable Information:

  • These new rates do not affect current awards that are calculated with the previous rate agreement. The rate will stay the same on grants and contracts awarded before FY24, even on multi-year projects.
  • For proposals recently submitted with the previous rates, the rate used during the proposal process will be the rate applied to the subsequent award.
  • The definition of the off-campus F&A rate has changed. The off-campus rate should should be used if the project meets any of the following criteria:
    A. More than 50% of a project is performed in off-campus facilities not owned by the institution
    B. More than 50% of a project is performed in off-campus facilities, and rent is directly allocated or charged to the project.
    A project can only use one F&A rate. If any of the above criteria are met, then the off-campus F&A rate will apply to the entire project.

Rate Breakdown

  • The Organized Research rate will incrementally change on an annual basis from FY24-FY27. This incremental change also affects multi-year projects. If your project starts in FY24 and ends in FY26, each year will be charged a different F&A rate.
  • Instruction, On-Campus Other Sponsored Activities, and Off-Campus Activities will NOT incrementally change and will stay static for the remainder of this agreement.
  • The Instruction rate agreement has increased from 43.5% to 44.5%
  • The On-Campus Other Sponsored Activities rate has increased from 37.5% to 38.5%.
  • The Off-Campus rate has not increased.

The new rates are as follows:

Instruction On Campus
Off Campus
FY 23 43.5% 43.5% 37.5% 26%

begins 7/1/2023

43.5% 44.5% 38.5% 26%

begins 7/1/2024

44% 44.5% 38.5% 26%

begins 7/1/2025

45% 44.5% 38.5% 26%

begins 7/1/2026

46% 44.5% 38.5% 26%

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at orsp@ualr.edu

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