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Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science, Inc., AR AIMS, an affiliate of the National Math and Science Initiative, exists to strengthen the teaching of the AP® mathematics, science, and English courses and to build enrollment and increase the number of students taking and earning qualifying scores on AP® exams in these subjects.



AP English Mock Reading Workshop–February 1-2, 2016; AP Science Mock Reading Workshop–April 8, 2016; AP Math Mock Reading Workshop–April 18, 2016 


  • We have added 5 new schools this fall, as we begin Cohort 7: Hope, Lonoke, Magnet Cove, Siloam Springs, and White Hall. We are now in 55 schools across the state.
  • AR AIMS—70% increase in Qualifying scores from 2008-2015
  • AR AIMS—5th in the Country with increases in Qualifying scores in all MSE exams for Minority Students—237% increase
  • We are now in 55 schools across the state—18.4% of the high schools
  • AAIMS schools account for 45.4% of AP MSE exams taken, and 42.4% of AP MSE Qualifying scores.
  • AAIMS schools account for 46.2% of AP MSE qualifying scores for African American and Hispanic students.
  • In the spring of 2015, we served over 34,000 students in our online prep session programs in the 3 content areas.
  • During the 2014-15 school year, we trained 657 teachers across our various workshops.
  • AAIMS initiated a one-week Summer Boot Camp on the UALR campus in 2015, targeting students from Pulaski County schools, and served 67 students in our initial pilot.
  • AR AIMS schools contribute significantly to the dramatic increase in the number of students taking AP math, science, and English classes.
  • AR AIMS schools contribute significantly to the dramatic increase in the number of qualifying scores on AP math, science, and English classes.
  • AR AIMS schools contribute significantly to the state’s increase in minority students taking AP courses and achieving qualifying scores.
  • AR AIMS is a STEM model that has produced significant results over time.
  • AR AIMS is making a difference in the state by changing expectations and achievement.
  • ForwARd Arkansas cited AR AIMS as being a “strong example of a program that is helping more high school students take AP exams and perform well on AP exams, better preparing them for the rigors of college-level coursework.”


AAIMS Schools around the state reward students’ success on AP Exams. The students pictured received at least 1 qualifying score on the 2015 AP Exam.  Most recently Dr. Ken James AAIMS President, celebrated with Centerpoint High and Star City High Schools:

AAIMS Group-2 copy Centerpoint High School

Star City AP Assemb 2015Star City High School


FALL 2015 has offered amazing professional development for Arkansas teachers.PreAP Science Conference-September 28-29

PreAP Science Conference September 28-29

AP Math Conference, October 1-2

AP Science Conference on October 26-29

AP English Conference-November 5-6

The 2015 AAIMS Content Conferences were held on the UALR Campus in the Donaghey Student Center.  Over 350 teachers from 41 AAIMS schools across the state attended these conferences. Presenters at the PreAP Science workshop were  A+ Alabama authors and trainers: PAP Biology, Robert Summers and PAP Chemistry, Debbie Anderson.  AP Math presenters were as follows:  AP Cal AB  Mark Kiraly from Denton, TX;  AP Cal BC Dennis Donovan from Westwood, Massachusettes; and AP Stat Daren Starnes from Princeton, NJ.  AP Science Presenters were Robert Summers, A+ Alabama Content Director; Mark Little, CollegeBoard reader and consultant; TJ Dortch, CollegeBoard reader and consultant; Eric Lambert, A+ Alabama Consultant; and Jennifer Orgo,  CollegeBoard reader and consultant, Environmental Science. AP English presenters were AP Language: Robert Kuhn and Jennifer Troy and AP Literature: Thom Wade and Mary McDonald.


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Arkansas AIMS Offers NEW CUSTOMIZED Training for 2015-2016!

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AAIMS 1st Summer “Boot Camp” PREP was a           BIG SUCCESS!

AAIMS Summer PREP–PreAP Readiness for Eager People–July 27-31, 2015

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Arkansas AIMS Summer Workshops

PreAP English Workshop   July 21-22, 2015, LTF English, 6-12, Prairie Grove: July 14-17, LTF Elementary 3-5/6, Ft. Smith: July 28-31, PreAP Science Workshop June 29-July 2, 2015,  LTF Math, Greenbrier June 23-26

math 1IMG_6387 sciencemath 3

The English Pre-AP training held at UALR-Benton offered a variety of sessions that provided central Arkansas teachers additional knowledge and practice in the intricacies of literacy and rhetorical analyses both in reading and writing.

PreAP workshop 2015


AAIMS Is the Arkansas Venue for  Laying the Foundation.  Call us 501-683-7689 or ontact or slharrison2@ualr.eduto schedule your workshop.

CLICK HERE  for Laying the Foundation (LTF) INFORMATION

Elementary LTF (3-5) is now available through AAIMS!    Get your entire district vertically aligned to ensure student achievement.    Click here for information:  Elementary LTF

AAIMS offers LTF 4-day workshops. Cost is  $450. per teacher for AAIMS schools; $550. per teacher for Non-AAIMS schools.

  • LTF  is content based, incorporates higher order thinking, common core, and new generation science standards.
  • LTF aides in preparation for teacher evaluation.
  • LTF is approved to count as ADE’s required training for PreAP certification.


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