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Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science, Inc., AR AIMS, an affiliate of the National Math and Science Initiative, exists to strengthen the teaching of the AP® mathematics, science, and English courses and to build enrollment and increase the number of students taking and earning qualifying scores on AP® exams in these subjects.





A.  VERNIER SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY TRAINING SESSIONS                                                                    CONDUCTED BY VERNIER CONSULTANT, ROBERTA WATTS

SESSION #1: Evaluation of existing Vernier Software & 
Technology science lab equipment that a school already 
owns. All types of sensor interfaces can be evaluated: 
LabQuest 2,LabQuest, LabPro, Go! sensors, GoWireless! 
sensors, Logger Pro 3software for computers, and Graphical
Analysis app for Chromebooks or iPads. School IT personnel
will be consulted to evaluate the ability to set-up a 
Vernier Connected Science System using the wireless abilities
of LabQuest 2, iPads, or Chromebooks. Access to stored 
equipment must be possible. Software will be updated if the 
follow-up staff development option is not scheduled.  
DURATION:   6 hours of training   
      AAIMS SCHOOLS:  $   750.00   NON-AAIMS SCHOOLS  $1,000.00
SESSION #2” Staff Development workshop to train teachers in the
 use of Vernier Software & Technology sensors, interfaces, and 
software that the school owns. Teachers will get hands-on practice 
with all types of sensors. They will learn how to collect data with
 various Modes, how to update software, how to use the Vernier S & T 
website as a resource for samples of lab book experiments, sensor 
manuals, Tech Tip videos, and Technical Information Library. Teachers 
will practice with the Vernier computer software the school owns (either 
Logger Pro 3 or Logger Lite). Teachers can also receive training on the 
free Graphical Analysis apps for either Chromebook or iPad. The Evaluation
 day must precede this workshop.  DURATION:   6 hours of training  
          AAIMS SCHOOLS      $   950.00   NON-AAIMS SCHOOLS      $1,200.00
SESSION #3: Training in the science class laboratory for a school 
day. Each class period a science class would be trained to perform
 an experiment, relevant to their course, using the school’s Vernier 
Software & Technology interfaces, sensors and software. The class 
teacher will be trained along with the students. The school will provide
 the supplies for the experiments. The Evaluation day must precede this workshop. 
DURATION:    7 hours of training 
           AAIMS SCHOOLS:   $   850.00          NON-AAIMS SCHOOLS   $1,100.00                                      DURATION:3.5 hours of training                                              
          AAIMS SCHOOLS      $   650.00         NON-AAIMS SCHOOLS  $   900.00
SESSION #4: Staff development to train teachers in the use of the free Vernier Graphical Analysis app on Chromebooks: The school would need to own Vernier sensors such as Go! Temp or interfaces such as Go! Link, Mini LabQuest or LabQuest2 with other Verner sensors. Wireless Data Sharing is also possible between a computer running Logger Pro 3 and a Chromebook. DURATION:      3.5 hours of training           AAIMS SCHOOLS:    $   650.00               NON-AAIMS SCHOOLS:     $   900.00
SESSION #5: Staff Development workshop to train teachers in the use of the free Vernier Graphical Analysis app on iPads. The school would need to own Vernier sensors such as Go!Temp or GoWireless LinkGraphical Analysis app could also be used with LabQuest 2s, if on the same wireless network. Wireless Data Sharing is also possible between a computer running Logger Pro 3 and an iPad.   
DURATION:  3.5 hours of training   AAIMS SCHOOLS:   $   650.00     NON-AAIMS SCHOOLS:   $   900.00



Objective: To provide schools specific content support and content expertise in AAIMS subject 
specific areas.
Process: Schools/Districts will contract with current AAIMS master teachers to provide support to new AP or pre-AP program teachers.
Program Services: 
1) Mentor will email as needed but a minimum of one time per week to check on mentee  
2) Mentor will utilize Zoom for live conversation as needed, but minimum of once per month          3) Mentor will provide minimum of one Live review session with mentee’s students.  
            This could be via Zoom or onsite as mutually determined
4) Mentor will be available for mentee to observe in mentor’s classroom one or two days.  
            This would be optional and dependent on schedules and logistics
5) Mentor will submit monthly reports to the subject area AAIMS Content Director          

Cost:   Cohorts 6-7​ No cost—-Already included in fees paid 
        AAIMS Schools: Cohorts 1-5:$ 950.00 for the school year per mentee AAIMS Schools  

AAIMS 1st Summer “Boot Camp” PREP was a BIG SUCCESS!

AAIMS Summer PREP–PreAP Readiness for Eager People–July 27-31, 2015

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Arkansas AIMS Summer Workshops

PreAP English Workshop   July 21-22, 2015, LTF English, 6-12, Prairie Grove: July 14-17, LTF Elementary 3-5/6, Ft. Smith: July 28-31, PreAP Science Workshop June 29-July 2, 2015,  LTF Math, Greenbrier June 23-26

math 1IMG_6387 sciencemath 3

The English Pre-AP training held at UALR-Benton offered a variety of sessions that provided central Arkansas teachers additional knowledge and practice in the intricacies of literacy and rhetorical analyses both in reading and writing.

PreAP workshop 2015


AAIMS Is the Arkansas Venue for  Laying the Foundation.  Call us 501-683-7689 or ontact or slharrison2@ualr.eduto schedule your workshop.

CLICK HERE  for Laying the Foundation (LTF) INFORMATION

Elementary LTF (3-5) is now available through AAIMS!    Get your entire district vertically aligned to ensure student achievement.    Click here for information:  Elementary LTF

AAIMS offers LTF 4-day workshops. Cost is  $450. per teacher for AAIMS schools; $550. per teacher for Non-AAIMS schools.

  • LTF  is content based, incorporates higher order thinking, common core, and new generation science standards.
  • LTF aides in preparation for teacher evaluation.
  • LTF is approved to count as ADE’s required training for PreAP certification.


For Titles, Click AAIMS Prep for Website Sheet 2015