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Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science, Inc., AR AIMS, an affiliate of the National Math and Science Initiative, exists to strengthen the teaching of the AP® mathematics, science, and English courses and to build enrollment and increase the number of students taking and earning qualifying scores on AP® exams in these subjects.


New AR AIMS President Announced 

Jerry Adams, Chair of the AAIMS Board of Directors and members of the Board are pleased to announce the hiring of Suzanne Lynn Bullard as the next President of Arkansas AAIMS, effective January 1, 2018. Dr. Ken James has served as President of AAIMS for the past four years. Mrs. Bullard will replace Dr. James, who is retiring from AAIMS effective December 31st.

Dr. James hired Mrs. Bullard to serve as the Program Manager in 2013, and they have collectively increased the number of participating schools to 73 in 9 Cohorts. Prior to joining Arkansas AIMS, Mrs. Bullard held key educational leadership positions in three school districts in central Arkansas (Sheridan, North Little Rock, and Bryant). “As the AAIMS Program Manager, it was my privilege and honor to work with the remarkable educators to enhance teacher quality and student performance in AAIMS schools, and now as President of AAIMS, I look forward to implementing additional opportunities that will make a difference for the students of Arkansas”, said Bullard.

Mrs. Bullard is married to Joe A. “Tony” Bullard of Maumelle, has 4 children, and 6 grandchildren.

Arkansas AAIMS, a non-profit organization has a primary mission to prepare more students for college, post-secondary training and STEM careers, and to increase the number of students who graduate from college. The primary goal of AAIMS is to increase the number of students enrolled in Advanced Placement math, science, and English courses and to increase the number of students producing scores of 3 or better on Advanced Placement math, science, and English examinations.


School initiative’s test-takers stand out; participants field nearly half of state’s college-credit qualifiers

Arkansas Democrat Gazette By Cynthia Howell

October 31, 2017

The 61 high schools that participated in the Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science program last school year produced almost half of the state’s Advanced Placement math, science and English test-takers and 44 percent of the scores that qualified students for college credit.

Students who earn college credit for their high school work can realize savings in college tuition costs or have the time to take more advanced-level college courses because they have completed introductory courses.

The initiative schools make up 23 percent of the state’s 261 high schools in which students took Advanced Placement tests in math, science and English in 2016-17, Ken James, president of the Arkansas initiative, said in releasing the organization’s annual report. Click to read more:   2017 AAIMS Article in DemGaz

The facts are in!  Arkansas AIMS makes THE difference.

  • AR AIMS welcomed 11 schools in Cohort 9 this year!
  • AR AIMS is now in 23% of schools  in Arkansas (up 2% from last year),
  • AR AIMS schools account for 48% of Math, Science, or English AP Exams taken in the state, and 44% of Math-Science-English Qualifying Scores (AP scores of 3, 4, 5) for the state.
  • We account for 50% of Math and Science AP Exams taken in the state and 46% of Math Science exam Qualifying scores.
  • Cohort 5 has seem a 240% increase in Quality Scores (AP scores of 3, 4, 5) and a 26% increase in students taking a Math, Science, or English AP Exam since their base  year (first year the school became an AAIMS school).
  • Cohort 6 has seen a 90% increase in Qualifying Scores and a 8% increase in students taking a Math, Science,  and/or English exam since their base year.
  • Cohort 7 has seen a 22% increase in Qualifying Scores, even though there was a decrease in the number of students taking an Math, Science, or English exam.
  • Cohort 8 has seen a 53% increase in Qualifying Scores and a 7% increase in students taking a Math, Science, or English exam after being in the program for one year.

We are proud to say that Arkansas AIMS is making a difference for the students of Arkansas. If you’re not an AAIMS school, contact Lynn Harrison-Bullard:  

Please CLICK HERE for the 2017 powerpoint of AAIMS data.

Have you registered for AAIMS AP Mock Reading Workshops?

English Mock Reading, Feb. 1-2, 2018, Cost $350, Crowne Plaza, Little Rock, AR

Math Mock Reading, April 5, 2018, Cost $250, Location TBA

Science Mock Reading, April 6, 2018, Cost $250, Crowne Plaza, Little Rock, AR

Click HERE to register:

2017-2018 AAIMS Workshop Registration

Dr. Ken James Announces Retirement

September, 2017

Dr. T. Kenneth James, president of Arkansas AIMS since 2013, will retire from that position at the end of the year, according to Jerry Adams, Chairman of the Board.

Dr. James is a former Arkansas Education Commissioner having served from 2004-2009 and a former superintendent of three Arkansas School Districts, Batesville, Van Buren, and Little Rock, as well as districts out of state.

Under his guidance, AR AIMS, Inc has expanded to more than 70 school districts with 11 new schools added for the 2017-18 school year.

According to Mr. Adams, AR AIMS, Inc. Board of Directors will engage in a search to replace Dr. James and hopes to conclude the process in November.


CONGRATULATIONS Paragould High School AP Students and AP Teachers!  

Paragould High School, a 2016-17 AAIMS school, recently awarded 80 bonus incentive checks to students who made qualifying scores of 3, 4, or 5 on their AP exams in May 2017.  Paragould had 44 qualifying scores in 2015, but nearly doubled that number of awards this year!   Paragould School District and  partner, NIDEC, have awarded over $10,000 toward student incentives for qualifying AP scores over the last three years.    

Outstanding job, PHS Students!!!

Over $10,000 awarded to AP Students who made qualifying scores.

Paragould High School Awards Assembly, September 2017


2017 AR AIMS AP PREP Boot Camp

The 2017 AR AIMS AP PREP Boot Camps at both UA Fayetteville and UA Little Rock provided a leg up to the future AP students in central and NW Arkansas.  These week long free camps funded by The Walton Family Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation respectively were for students registered for AP Literature and Composition, AP Language and Composition, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics for the upcoming 2017-18 school year. Students met with master teachers from across the state who made learning meaningful and fun. The honed in on specific “must know” concepts to ensure that students are prepared for the rigors of  AP.  At UA Fayetteville, the UA uTeach students provided mentoring and assistance for teachers while learning from them as well. At UA Little Rock the CityYear Corp assisted in the classrooms, encouraged students, and used the week to prepare for their in-school mentoring during the school year. AR AIMS expands our 2018 Boot Camp to ASU next summer. Watch online for our announcements and registration for 2018 AP PREP Boot Camp.

Photos and video clips can be found at our Facebook Page    @AAIMS2000           via Twitter @AR_AAIMS  #AAIMShigh   or click link below:

2017 AP Boot Camp PREP

Coming Soon!  Announcing New AAIMS Zoom Schedule

Announcing: 2017  Vernier  Software & Technology Training

Roberta Watts, AAIMS Science and Technology Consultant is offering teachers Vernier Training.  Please click for information.

2017 AAIMS Summer Professional Development is in Full Swing.

AAIMS is offering 20 LTF and PreAP workshops around the state in secondary (6-12)English, math, and science and elementary (3-5) English/social studies, math/science where nearly 650 teachers will become better prepared for achieving student success. The AAIMS calendar and registration links can be found in widgets on the right side of our page.


Highlights from the recent LTF Elementary Workshop held at Ft. Smith and at GCTElem LTF 3

Elem LTF 5 GCT Elem LTF 4





Elem LTF 2Highlights from the recent PreAP English Workshop held at Paragould:English 1 pre AP P

Highlights from the recent LTF Math Workshop held at the SWAESC in Hope:

math 4

math 2

Highlights from the recent PreAP Science Workshop held at the SWAESC in Hope:


science 3science 1

science 2

science 4






  • Laying the Foundation Workshop Information


AAIMS Is the Arkansas Venue for  Laying the Foundation Professional Development.   AAIMS  offers LTF 4-day workshops during the Summer for PreAP Math, Science, English and Elementary, grades 3-5. CLICK HERE  for additional information about Laying the Foundation (LTF) Professional Development.   Get your entire district vertically aligned and better prepared for the ACT Aspire to ensure student achievement.    Click here for information:  Elementary LTF

  • LTF  is content based, incorporates higher order thinking, common core, and new generation science standards.
  • LTF aides in preparation for teacher evaluation.
  • LTF is approved to count as ADE’s required training for PreAP certification.


 AAIMS New Cohort 9

  • WELCOME New Cohort 9 Schools!  Artkins, Batesville, Benton, Blytheville, Episcopal Collegiate School, Fouke, Ft. Smith Southside, Gentry, Helena/West Helena, Lafayette County, Manila

  • Cohort 8 Schools:  Genoa, Huntsville, Jacksonville-North Pulaski, Lincoln, Paragould, Stuttgart.
  • Cohort 7: Hope, Lonoke, Magnet Cove, Siloam Springs, and White Hall. We are now in 55 schools across the state.
  • AR AIMS—70% increase in Qualifying scores from 2008-2015
  • AR AIMS—5th in the Country with increases in Qualifying scores in all MSE exams for Minority Students—237% increase
  • We are now in 60 schools across the state—18.4% of the high schools


ZOOM SESSIONS will resume Fall 2017. Check with your Content Director or your teacher to access archived sessions in English, math, and science. 

AAEA Instructional Leader March 2017,    “Introducing AAIMS”


Big Ideas Are Transforming Arkansas- Winthrop Rockefellar Foundation

Superintendent of the Year, Siloam Springs Dr. Ken Rameyimage1

AAIMS congratulates Siloam Springs Superintendent Dr. Ken Ramey on his selection as Superintendent of the Year for  the State of Arkansas, and for his dedicated years of service to the students and staff of the Siloam Springs School District (Siloam Springs is a member of  AAIMS-Cohort 7).


7 December 2016

Associated Press (LITTLE ROCK, Ark.) – A new study released today shows that high school students who enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP®) courses, and then graduate from college, realize higher wages than their non-AP® counterparts.

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Data Prove AAIMS is the Answer

AAIMS 2016-17 Data

2016-2017 Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science Brochure

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Boot Camp PREP–2nd Successful Year!

UA: July 18-22 and UALR: July 25-29

Prep 2016 group



Click here for articles, information for 2015 Boot Camp PREP


AAIMS Schools around the state reward students’ success on AP Exams. The students pictured below received at least 1 qualifying score on the 2015 AP Exam.  Dr. Ken James AAIMS President, celebrated with Centerpoint High and Star City High Schools:

AAIMS Group-2 copy Centerpoint High School

Star City AP Assemb 2015Star City High School

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