Welcome to the pages of the College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences (CALS) at UALR.  The College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences is a new entity combining departments that long were in two different colleges.

CALS is distinctive in that its constituent units resemble the same assortment of liberal arts that were collected in the ancient Greek academy, where they were thought to reflect the higher concerns of free citizens, and the pursuit of which were understood to liberate the spirit.  Much smaller than a typical, contemporary College of Arts and Sciences, CALS can offer an experience much like that at a small private college but at a much more affordable cost.

Students who declare a major in a CALS discipline will in fairly short order feel part of a small community of students and faculty who share their passion.  Because CALS also offers a tremendous proportion of the core curriculum, we also serve students across the entire university.

In the office of the dean, Fine Arts 210, the staff also hopes to welcome, serve, support, and come to know you.

Shearle Furnish | Founding Dean