Speech and Hearing Clinic

This program provides evaluations and therapy for any student wishing assistance. The UALR Speech and Hearing Clinic is accredited in speech-language pathology and audiology and is supervised by certified speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Self, faculty, and external referrals may be made. Evaluations and therapy are scheduled at the faculty member ’s and student’s convenience. The clinic is located in the University Plaza, Suite #600. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 501.569.3155.

This clinic has the only diagnostic and rehabilitative training program in audiology in Arkansas.  Audiological services include:

  • testing of hearing and communication skills
  • monitoring of hearing problems
  • hearing aid evaluations
  • hearing aid checks
  • training in speech reading, and
  • counseling services for hearing-impaired students who may be experiencing difficulty in school because of hearing problems.

Speech and language services include evaluations and therapy in:

  • disorders of articulation
  • language
  • stuttering and cluttering
  • voice, and
  • organic disorders such as laryngectomy, aphasia, cerebral palsy, and cleft palate.

Some services are available at a reduced charge to regularly enrolled students. In addition, referrals are encouraged from community speech-and hearing-impaired children and adults.