Program Requirements

The program consists of a total of 76 credit hours, which include 14 credit hours of program core courses, nine credit hours of track core courses, 15 credit hours of elective courses, and 38 credit hours of dissertation research. In addition, the student is required to:

  • Maintain acceptable academic performance. If a student receives one C grade in his/her course work, he/she will be warned that his/her performance is unacceptable and that his/her status will be reviewed by the Engineering Science and Systems Governance Committee, which will suggest corrective actions. A student receiving two C grades or either a D grade or an F grade in his/her course work will be dismissed from the program, pending review by the Engineering Science and Systems Governance Committee;
  • Pass candidacy examinations;
  • Pass proposal defense;
  • Publish and present at least one paper in a peer-reviewed national/international conference;
  • Have at least one paper accepted for publication in an international reputed journal with the student as the first author; and
  • Pass dissertation defense.