Appreciation Caller


  • To contact donors who have made a gift to one or more UA Little Rock Alumni Scholarship Funds this year to say thank you for their continued support.

Time commitment:

  • Appreciation callers are asked to give a one-week “thank you” session; one session per month. Each session generally entails four one-hour calling periods within a weeks time.


  • To contact 12 to 15 Alumni Scholarship Fund donors during the weekly appreciation session to thank them personally for their gift.
  • Be knowledgeable about the needs of the institution and the role of the Alumni Association.
  • Maintain support of the Alumni Association and the Fund for UA Little Rock.

Summary of the process:

  • Appreciation callers may be asked to thank donors from a variety of class years and divisions.
  • Appreciation callers are encouraged to discuss volunteering with the Alumni Association with the alumni donors whom they are thanking, if this seems appropriate.

If you are interested, please contact Derrick Newby Jr. at the Alumni Association at 501-916-3208 for additional details.