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What is GOLD?

Graduates of the Last Decade

A “GOLD” alumni is anyone who has graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock within the last decade. Since 2003, over 15,000 students have graduated from UALR and gone on to change the world. We boast Peace Corps volunteers, nurses, engineers, teachers, TV stars, major league athletes, and entrepreneurs… and that’s just the beginning!

Why should I get involved?

Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) are an intelligent, enthusiastic group of alumni who are incredibly important to the University.  This is the perfect opportunity to come back to campus and reconnect with friends, faculty, and staff!

2014 – 2015 Events:

  • Burgers at Bailey – September 10, 2014
  • Taste of Little Rock – April 2, 2015

Why do I matter?

Every single GOLD alumni makes a difference in the University community. Here’s why your support is essential:

  • Leadership: Your participation identifies you as a leader amongst your peers – and greater alumni participation increases value to your degree.
  • Philanthropy: With a gift to the University, you play a vital role in ensuring that current and future students have the same opportunities you did.
  • Commitment: Your annual support allows the University to continue to attract and retain the best faculty, support student academic and extracurricular programs, and maintain its role as a leading institution.

What size gift should I make?

Every single gift counts, regardless of the size.

Join the GOLD Ambassadors by making an annual contribution or pledge to the Fund for UALR (the official annual fund) in the amount of $500. You can pay that in one payment, quarterly, monthly, or on any schedule you desire.

  • One time payment of $500
  • Quarterly payments of $125
  • Monthly payments of $42.00

The easiest way to make your gift is online. If you’d like to make your gift monthly, contact Derek Boyce to set up your EFT. We also happily accept cash and check.

If you work for a company that matches charitable gifts, you may be able to double or even triple the impact of your gift. Each year the University of Arkansas at Little Rock receives over $100,000 in matching gifts that provide additional support for students, academic and athletic programs and other student life initiatives. See if your company will match your gift.

For more information on The Fund for UALR, visit

UALR GOLD Coordinator
Derek Boyce
Manager of Annual Giving & Alumni Membership