Distinguished Alumni Award

The UA Little Rock Alumni Association annually awards the Distinguished Alumnus Award to a Little Rock Junior College, Little Rock University, or UA Little Rock alumnus. The Distinguished Alumnus Award is recognized as a method to acknowledge the exceptional achievement of former students of the University. The award is reserved for individuals who have achieved extraordinary distinction in their chosen field and made special contributions to the community.

If there is someone you believe would be deserving of this award, please go here to access the nomination form.

Recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award

(formerly Shield of the Trojan Award)


1950 Dr. Granville B. Davis*
1951 Dr. William Darby*
1952 Ms. Mary Burt Nash*
1953 Mr. Robert Lowry*
1954 Ms. Jean Woolfolk*
1955 Ms. Bobbie Forster*
1956 Mr. Richard C. Butler*
1957 Mr. E. Grainger Williams*
1958 Mr. Windsor P. Booth*
1959 Dr. Drew Agar*


1960 Mr. James H. Rice*
1961 Ms. Matilda Tuohey*
1962 Mr. Robert Gannaway*
1963 Mr. Al Pollard*
1964 Rev. Lester G. McAllister*
1965 Rev. Fred Cloud*
1966 Mr. Roy Kumpe*
1967 Mr. Orville Henry*
1968 Dr. E. Lee McLean*
1969 Mr. Robert P. Taylor*


1970 Mr. Richard B. Dixon*
1971 Dr. Carlyle G. Caldwell*
1972 Mr. Harold J. Engstrom Jr.*
1973 Ms. Alice Gray*
1974 Dr. Gerald Burns Robins*
1975 Mr. C. W. Koepple*
1976 Mr. Herschel H. Friday*
1977 Dr. John A. Larson*
1978 Mr. Claud L. Holbert*
1979 Ms. Peg Newton Smith*


1980 Dr. Alfred Kahn*
1981 Mr. Frank L. Whitbeck*
1982 Mr. Jerry Maulden
1983 Mr. Ben Allen, Jr.*
1984 Ms. Mary F. Worthen*
1985 Mr. Pat M. Riley*
1986 Ms. Betty Fowler*
1987 Mr. Sam Bracy*
1988 Mr. Peyton Rice*
1989 Mr. Bob Lamb*


1990 Mr. E. Kearney Dietz*
1991 Col. A. J. Almand*
1992 Ambassador James Richard Cheek*
1993 Ms. Lee Hogan Cass*
1994 Mr. Lester Hosto*
1995 Mr. Don L. Riggin and Dr. John L. Wilson
1996 Mr. Jim P. Spradley*
1997 Mr. Thomas L. Goodgame*
1998 Mr. Carl G. Hunter*
1999 Mr. Ted A. Parkhurst


2000 Ms. Mary Mel French
2001 Mr. J. Walter Keller*
2002 Dr. Renie Bressinck
2003 Dr. John Carland
2004 Ms. Catherine L. Hughes
2005 Ambassador Koby Koomson
2009 Dr. Galen L. Barbour*


2010 Congressman Vic Snyder
2011 Mr. John L. Ward*
2012 Ms. Brenda Donald
2013 Ms. Julie Adams*
2014 Mr. Jon T. Rymer
2015 Ms. Pamela Culpepper
2016 Ms. Elaine Eubank
2017 Ms. Candice Hunter Corby
2018 Mr. Troy Wells
2019 The Honorable Frank Scott


2020 Mr. Ron Sheffield
2021 Dr. Jaafer Golzar
2023 Bill Mathis, Jr.
2023 Oscar Horton

* Deceased