Student Spotlight: Natalie Snow

Originally from Canada, Natalie Snow came to UA Little Rock in 2017 to pursue her PhD in Criminal Justice. Snow says that the main motivating factor for the move was the similarities between her research interests and the research interests of the faculty on site. Once she enrolled and began taking courses, she realized she wanted to influence change and allow her voice to be heard. Snow decided to join the Graduate Student Association (GSA) on campus where she is now the SGA president.

Natalie’s Graduate Student Experience

“I’m originally from Canada, but I moved to UA Little rock in 2017 to get my PhD in Criminal Justice. I had a lot of academic similarities with the faculty here. Our research interests really matched. I was really interested in studying victimology and violence at UA Little Rock was academically a good fit. When I got to Arkansas, it was a culture shock. I joined the Graduate Student Association because I was looking for ways to improve the experience of all graduate students. But I was also looking to make new friends.

UA Little Rock has given me access to lots of tools that other places may not have given me. I’ve gotten to sit in on job talks, meet with potential new faculty candidates, teach, work with service-learning projects, and present my research both locally and nationally. I’ve really been encouraged to take on independent research and participate in local community activities related to my work. After graduation, I hope to take on a position in the private sector, potentially as a research director or program evaluation. My time at UA Little Rock has really helped open my eyes to a variety of types of work I may want to be doing, and can do, with my education.”

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