Student Spotlight: Denisse Pollo Rivera

Mother and full-time employee, Denisse Pollo Rivera, is a graduate student within the social work program. She attends school part-time and was excited that she was able to choose her own path of learning. Check out her story below!

Denisse’s Graduate Student Experience

“My experience at UA Little Rock has been extremely positive. Every professor and employee of UA Little Rock is extremely kind and considerate. They want to see you succeed and they help you in any way possible to ensure your success. I chose UA Little Rock because of how helpful the teachers are. They took time to explain the enrollment process to me. I began to do my own research and felt that as a mom and full-time employee, the part-time option was going to be the best fit for me. So far, my decision is still one I am proud of making. After talking to other social work students from different schools around the country, UA Little Rock is definitely doing a lot of things right. After I complete my degree, I will also work on finishing my certificate in Gerontology. I would like to work in the field of mental health and complete my licensure. Afterwards, my hope would be to open my own practice one day.”

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