Award of Named Professorships

Unless otherwise designated by donor criteria, an award of a named professorship will be made to tenured faculty members with the rank of full professor or who have applied for promotion to the rank of full professor and have been recommended by the Promotion and Tenure Committee for promotion to that rank. The duration of the award shall be limited to a period of four years until development activities generate sufficient additional named professorships that the Dean determines that a term of five years would be more appropriate.

A recipient of a prior award is eligible for consideration for a subsequent award if performance continues to justify recognition. If a named professor is not reappointed, the individual shall thereafter have the title “Distinguished Professor of Law.” The rule specified in the preceding sentence shall be implemented retroactively. In the Dean’s discretion, the Dean may extend the term of a named professorship for a faculty member holding an administrative position for up to two years following the faculty member’s return to the full-time teaching faculty.

In designating named professors, the Dean shall act with goals including the implementation of donor criteria, furthering the mission of the law school, providing recognition for meritorious work, and stimulating continued and improved productivity by the faculty.

At a time deemed appropriate by the Dean, but normally at least six months before the Dean anticipates that a named professorship will be open, the Dean shall notify all persons eligible for appointment to the professorship of the impending appointment to be made.

The Dean may fill any professorship by a process of the Dean’s choosing. The Dean may, but is not required to, ask that persons interested in being appointed, and who think they merit consideration, self-identify by filing an application. If applications are requested by the Dean, the applications shall be in such form as the Dean directs. The Dean may, but is not required to, ask for the Promotion and Tenure Committee to make recommendations regarding persons under consideration for appointment; in such case, any recommendation by the Committee shall not be binding on the Dean. The Dean may, but is not required to, solicit reviews of candidates by persons not associated with this law school, such as faculty and deans at other schools. While the procedure, as well as the final decision, will be entrusted to the sound discretion of the Dean, the Dean shall affirmatively seek input from all members of the faculty, including those who seek appointment, concerning which faculty member(s) is (are) to be appointed.

(Rev. 2014)