Registration Information

Here is important information you need to know before you register for classes:

  • By registering for classes, you agree to pay all tuition and fees associated with any classes for which you register.
  • You must drop the class or classes or withdraw from school before the deadline to remove this obligation.
  • The UALR assigned email address is the law school and the university’s official way to correspond with students. All official information, including information about billing, financial aid, class registration, etc. will be sent to your UALR email account.
  • You are deemed to have received any information sent to your UALR email account, including notice of any deadlines.
  • Any financial aid you receive will be used toward your account balance. If your aid is reduced or cancelled, you are responsible for all remaining charges.
  • UALR will assess financial penalties on any past-due account. At the end of each semester, any past-due account will be referred to an outside collection agency and will result in additional charges.
  • The Drop/Withdrawal from class and the refund dates and schedule will be emailed to your UALR email address and posted by semester on the law school’s web page/registration section.
  • No exceptions will be made.

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