Registration Information

Preparing for Registration

  • Use BOSS to check your registration status and to view your registration times and any holds that may prevent you from registering. Select student services > registration> check your registration status.
  • All students participating in clinics, practicums, and externships are added to those courses by the registrar. If you have been accepted into one, remember to keep that part of your schedule open.
  • First year students will be automatically registered for fall and spring courses.
  • All other students will be registered for all required courses with the exception of Lawyering Skills I and II, Professional Responsibility, and Introduction to Bar Preparation Skills.
  • To view all available courses search for both LAW and LAWB subject codes. Highlight both subject codes by clicking “LAW”, holding down the “Crtl” button, and clicking “LAWB”.
  • During priority registration students may register for elective courses only within their division (full-time or part-time). When open registration begins, students will be allowed to cross divisions for elective courses only.
  • Remember to include your T-number in communications with the registrar to ensure timely and accurate information.
  • A student is presumed to know all academic rules and all other rules and requirements of the UA Little Rock, William H. Bowen School of Law.
  • Law students withdrawing completely from the law school must complete the official withdrawal form. Dropping all of your individual classes in BOSS is not acceptable as an official withdraw.

Key Registration Dates

EventRegistration BeginsRegistration Ends (Summer)Registration Ends (Fall)
Veterans/Concurrent/Summer and Fall 2024 Graduates3/26/2024, 7:15 AM CST3/29/2024 5:00 PM CST3/29/2024 5:00 PM CST
Students who have earned 48 or more hours at the end of Fall 20233/27/2024, 7:15 AM CST3/29/2024 5:00 PM CST3/29/2024 5:00 PM CST
Students who have earned 16 or more hours at the end of Fall 20233/28/2024 7:15:00 AM CST3/29/2024 5:00 PM CST3/29/2024 5:00 PM CST
All other students3/29/2024 7:15 AM CST3/29/2024 5:00 PM CST3/29/2024 5:00 PM CST
Regular Registration For All Students4/2/2024 7:15 AM CST6/2/2024 5 PM CST8/25/2024 5:00:00 PM CST
Summer Late Registration**. – For All Students6/3/2024 7:15 AM CST6/5/2024 5:00 PM CST
Summer Last Day For 100% Refund6/11/2024 5:00 PM CST
Fall Late Registration** - For All Students8/26/2024 7:15 AM CST9/02/2024 5:00 PM CST
Fall Last Day for 100% RefundTBD

Late Registration** – A fee of $100 is applied only if a student is registering for the first time. Adding classes to an existing schedule does not prompt a late registration fee.

For information regarding payment dates and adjustment schedules, please visit the Bursar’s Office.